Bloody Pulp Fiction

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Bloody Pulp Fiction
Bloody Pulp Fiction

Developer: Ryan "Wangho" Williams and RedFanatic

Publisher: DeathMask, ModDB

Designer: TBD

Engine: Build Engine (Blood mod)

Version: TBD

Released: 2009

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

Platforms: MS-DOS


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

"Bloody Pulp Fiction is a Blood 1 addon that follows Caleb as he runs from the madness of the Cabal that has swept the globe in a determined effort to spread destruction and mayhem throughout... Deadland awaits Caleb as he is thrust into action once again by the determined Cabal who are stopping at nothing to kill, enslave, pillage, ravage, and bring forth unholy darkness in it's wake. Caleb, now in the present, wants nothing more than to avoid the Cabal and forget any ties to Tchernobog, but the world is Decaying as the Remnants of the Cabal spread through out the globe like a Cancer."
--Official description

Bloody Pulp Fiction

Bloody Pulp Fiction (also known as BPF) is a Blood add-on with three new original episodes ranging from dilapidated carnivals, huge sea-faring ships, to old desert ghost towns long forgotten along Route66. It was developed by Ryan "Wangho" Williams and RedFanatic with assistance from Diman (aka NoOne) of Alone in the Dark, and finally released in 2009. It is the largest and most notable add-on project that features new multimedia assets necessitating a, at least temporary, modification of the base game's assets.

The campaigns spans around 18 new maps in total, which were made in the style of "The Way of All Flesh" and Cryptic Passage. It was shipped with a DosBox enabled launcher for the convenience of Windows users, although this can cause problems for users of alternative platforms. A installer-free version is also available, allowing for original DOS play as well as DosBox on other platforms.


Bloody Pulp Fiction

The game is set in the present day at the time of release, in a world where the remaining parts of the Cabal are stretching out like a cancer attempting to enslave humanity. Caleb, who wants nothing more to do with the cult of Tchernobog, has to once again stop their plans.

Episode 1: Caleb's Road Trip[edit]

Episode 1: Caleb's Road Trip

  • BPF01: Cabalance


Episode 2: Road to Deadland[edit]

Episode 2: Road to Deadland

  • Training: Training Grounds


Episode 3: Welcome to Deadland[edit]

Episode 3: Welcome to Deadland

  • BF5: Blood from Stone


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