Bloody Pulp Fiction

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Bloody Pulp Fiction
Bloody Pulp Fiction

Developer: BPF Team ("Chosen")

Publisher: DeathMask, ModDB

Designer: Ryan "Wangho" Williams and RedFanatic

Engine: Build Engine (Blood mod)

Version: 1.2

Released: May 19, 2009

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

Platforms: MS-DOS


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

"Bloody Pulp Fiction is a Blood 1 addon that follows Caleb as he runs from the madness of the Cabal that has swept the globe in a determined effort to spread destruction and mayhem throughout... Deadland awaits Caleb as he is thrust into action once again by the determined Cabal who are stopping at nothing to kill, enslave, pillage, ravage, and bring forth unholy darkness in it's wake. Caleb, now in the present, wants nothing more than to avoid the Cabal and forget any ties to Tchernobog, but the world is Decaying as the Remnants of the Cabal spread through out the globe like a Cancer. "
--Official description

Bloody Pulp Fiction

Bloody Pulp Fiction (also known as BPF) is a fan add-on for Blood with two new original episodes (the second in two parts) ranging from dilapidated carnivals, huge sea-faring ships, to old desert ghost towns long forgotten along Route 66. It was developed by Ryan "Wangho" Williams and RedFanatic with assistance from Diman (aka NoOne) of Alone in the Dark, and finally released in May 19, 2009 with an updated version 1.2 following on June 13th.


"Experience up to 18 levels of fast paced, adrenaline-soaked, bloodthirsty action in some of the most detailed and frantic maps ever made for Blood. Experience snowy cities, malls, dockside ports, graveyards, haunting forests, gigantic sea-faring ships, old forgotten towns along Route66, torture chambers, a dilapidated carnival site, Cabal strongholds, and much more. "
--Official description

The campaigns spans around 18 new maps in total, which were made in the style of "The Way of All Flesh" and Cryptic Passage. The first episode was designed by Ryan "Wangho" Williams, while the second was by RedFanatic (the previous author of Purgatory). The set also features the second version of the Alone in the Dark custom map and mod as the secret level of the third episode. It is the largest and most notable add-on project that features new multimedia assets necessitating a, at least temporary, modification of the base game's assets. It was shipped with a DosBox enabled launcher for the convenience of Windows users, although this can cause problems for users of alternative platforms. A installer-free version is also available, allowing for original DOS play as well as DosBox on other platforms. Third party versions meant to be compatible with BloodGDX have also since been released.


Bloody Pulp Fiction

"Basically, the first episode is a tongue in cheek B-Movie Redneck Rampagish road trip stopping at many different locales such as carnivals, farmland barns, old desert ghost towns, swamps, and then in the second episode you move on to Deadland which takes a more serious tone and you must destroy the heart of the island to rid the world of the Cabal vermin."

The game is set in the present day at the time of release, in a world where the remaining parts of the Cabal are stretching out like a cancer attempting to enslave humanity. Caleb, who wants nothing more to do with the cult of Tchernobog, has to once again stop their plans.

Episode 1: Caleb's Road Trip[edit]

Episode 1: Caleb's Road Trip

  • BPF01: Cabalance
  • BPF02: Dreck The Halls
  • BPF03: Altitude
  • BPF04: Old Desert Town
  • BPF05: Far Below
  • BPF06: Countryside Drive
  • BPF07: Cultists Of The Corn
  • BPF08: Swampgas
  • BPF13: Within The Woods (Secret Level)
  • BPF09: Grave Danger
  • BPF10: Nuthouse
  • BPF11: Backlot
  • BPF12: Midnight Railfreight Fright

Episode one begins with an animated sequence of Caleb sitting in his shipping container of a home, drinking whisky to forget the cold, the corpse of Ophelia Price his only company. In text, Caleb's internal monologue is spelled out, as he considers his situation, his past and a sudden sense of foreboding.

The game begins with the nearby area erupting with explosions, forcing Caleb to venture out and face the oncoming onslaught of Cabal forces. He trespasses through various locals, including a television and stereo store, Pickman's Rare Books and Maps, and various rooftops and alley ways, seeking transport (BPFE1M1: Cabalance). Caleb emerges out in a shopping mall, hoping to steal a car from the carpark. However, first he has to fight through the various closed shops, using vents and unreliable elevators to make his way through, with the cult sending in a troop of Cultists behind him (BPF02: Dreck The Halls). Caleb drives out through the mountains, chattering merrily to himself, until finally running out of gas (BPFE1M3: Altitude).

He seeks to find more from a nearby ghost town stuck in the 1960s, but ends up waylaid by voyages through the nearby cliffs, a reservoir under the abandoned inn and even a hidden sacrificial altar (BPFE1M4: Old Desert Town). Caleb descends down a forgotten mine shaft to a subterranean excavation of ancient ruins, before finally returning to the surface and getting into the locked gas station (BPF05: Far Below). Back on the open road, Caleb listens to a recipe on the radio (BPF06: Countryside Drive), before finally arriving just outside a corn field maze. This leads to a cultist infiltrated barn and hayloft, with Caleb intricately jumping from bale to haystack while navigating farm machinery, before finally facing a Beast while restoring power to the grain silo (BPF07: Cultists Of The Corn).

Caleb drives some more until he arrives at an impasse, and so proceeds into the swamp seeking an alternate route, raiding some cabins and dealing with Cabal river patrols (BPF08: Swampgas). Here he arrives at a fork, either proceeding directly into a crypt, or first being waylaid further into the forest, coming across an evocatively haunted retreat (BPF13: Within The Woods). Either way, Caleb awakens from a spectral encounter to find himself in a massive mortuary and graveyard complex, requiring him to trek through many a tomb, sepulchre and mausoleum (BPF09: Grave Danger).

Finally arriving at the decaying ruins of The Nuthouse carnival, Caleb is harried by a phantasmal puppet through the creaky hallways (BPF10: Nuthouse). Escaping through the side routes and winding thoroughfare, he traverses further fair grounds encountering sideshows, freak shows, an arcade, an eatery, as well as various amusement rides including an unfinished river attraction (BPF11: Backlot). Caleb boards a train, and then has to fight through a rail and subway station before facing a Cerberus and its clutch of Hell Hounds before boarding another locomotive full of ticking explosives... (BPF12: Midnight Railfreight Fright).

Episode 2, Part 1: Road to Deadland[edit]

Episode 2, Part 1: Road to Deadland

  • Training: Training Grounds
  • TheFort: The Fort
  • Blackcove: Black Cove
  • charon: Charon
  • wreck: Wreck
  • Hellen: To Hellen Back
  • return: The Return

Having a near miss with the dynamite, we return to Caleb driving down an isolated forest road, before ravaging a few Cabal garrisons among the trees (Training: Training Grounds). He breaks into the fortification they were defending, and blasts his way through, taking out the munitions shed along the way, before escaping on a motor boat (TheFort: The Fort). Caleb arrives on the coast and scrambles through a mined seaside cemetery in order to tunnel into a dockside town with many attractions, facing a Stone Gargoyle before finally climbing aboard a passenger liner called the Charon (Blackcove: Black Cove). Caleb battles his way up from the lower levels to the upper deck and raids the bridge, allowing him access back below to a series of cabins and accommodations ultimately gaining him access to the boiler room and hold. There he encounters a crated Cerberus, before fluid starts filling in and the ship begins sinking (charon: Charon), and Caleb finds himself adrift on wreckage in Gill Beast infested waters (wreck: Wreck).

Episode 2, Part 2: Welcome to Deadland[edit]

Episode 2, Part 2: Welcome to Deadland

  • bfs: Blood from Stone
  • monolith: Monolith
  • noctem: Noctem
  • mouth: Mouth
  • heart: Heart of Darkness
  • mouth2: Mouth
  • BAITD2: Alone In The Dark 2




"It's here everybody. Proceed down below to download the addon! 3 brand new episodes, many custom sounds, art, and cutscenes. It'll take you awhile to complete, so take your time, and enjoy. This addon took nearly 3 years to make, but we think it's worth it! Download and drown in the bloody horror that is Bloody Pulp Fiction!"


"This update adds another .exe for those that do not wish to use DosBox with the addon and another .exe that will install the custom midis that are used in a few particular maps. In addition, some tweaks to a few of the maps were implemented."


"Add's four new custom midi tracks, the ending cutscene and many small tweaks & fix's to maps from all episodes."


"This unreleased version for Blood including new launcher with six new weapons and additional bonuses. For compatibility re-textured all maps in which there are textures from Cryptic Passage - now they are at new numbers. Some errors leading to crash of game have been rectified. Features art from Hellen (she was the artist of many projects, including it) All necessary files, including a sound, were placed in own resource archives therefore problems with the wrong sound shouldn't arise now. Bloody Pulp Fiction is a Blood 1 addon that follows Caleb as he runs from the madness of the Cabal that has swept the globe in a determined effort to spread destruction and mayhem throughout. Uploaded on the official website in 2010, was reuploaded to RTCM and BAITD bloodgame website, finally now available here. Although the rescripted version by BME is recommended."

BloodGDX Support[edit]

Several versions have been uploaded of the add-on designed to be easily compatible with BloodGDX. Just extract the directory into the BloodGDX additions folder.

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