Caleb Will Have His Revenge On Toronto

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Scum of Dallas
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"Caleb - Scum Of Dallas, cheated by fate was mean-spirited Canadian hockey player. Rates - a risky business, especially when your favorite team lurking selling rat. That is what happened to our hero: Team Canada hockey player Adam Ace received a tempting offer to merge the final match of the World Cup in return for eternal life and sold his imperishable little soul of the famous Cabal sect. And then the sport, you ask? The fact is that tired of immortality and endless wandering Caleb found his outlet in sports betting and put all his wealth accumulated over a long time spent under the wing of fortune and a unique flair to win at the above-named miserable team. This implies another question: Kabbalah something from that? Immediately found the answer - knowing that Caleb will not forgive such Ace maple leaf bases of the country (and actually losing money), the purpose of crazed fanatics who have lost their great and mighty, track, locate and destroy our stiffs, so to speak, on live bait." — Rough translation

Caleb Will Have His Revenge on Toronto is a Blood fan add-on by members of the Russian Blood Community which released its first episode, "Scum of Dallas", on July 29, 2013. A sequel, "Run Like a Villain", was begun, but is now not certain to ever be finished. The mod features an installer batch file that replaces the game's assets as necessary before launching, and restores the Blood originals upon exiting. This includes new animated cutscenes, having the Flag of Canada as the menu background, and replacing the Sawed-Off Shotgun and Aerosol Can with their darker versions from the game's development. The latest base version is 1.2, with a 1.3 patch.



Caleb is enraged when the Cabal bribe Team Canada ice hockey player Adam Ace to throw the game with the promise of eternal life, seeing how Caleb had just placed down a considerably large bet. He goes on a rampage to seek revenge for his lost winnings.

Episode 1: Scum Of Dallas[edit]

Episode 1: Scum Of Dallas

  • CE1M1: Sweet Home
  • CE1M2: Backdoor man
  • CE1M3: Underground
  • CE1M4A: Slums (Part 1)
  • CE1M4B: Slums (Part 2)
  • CE1M4C: Slums (Part 3)
  • CE1M5: Mall


Episode 2: Run Like a Villain[edit]

Episode 2: Run Like a Villain

  • CE2M1: Trip
  • CE2M2: Farm
  • CE2M3: Dam
  • CE2M4: Airship
  • CE2M5: Bloody Lake
  • CE2M6: Suburbs
  • CE2M7: Skyscrapers
  • CE2M8: Stadium

The drafted second episode, the following is based on a specification released by the add-on's authors.

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