Legends of the Iconoclast

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LOI Screamshot
Legends of the Iconoclast

Developer: Dwayne Anderson

Publisher: N/A

Designer: Dwayne Anderson

Engine: Build Engine (Blood mod)

Version: N/A

Released: 2001, 2012

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player

Platforms: MS-DOS


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

Legends of the Iconoclast (otherwise known as LOI) is a Blood add-on developed by Dwayne Anderson featuring a mixture between the original game's themes and aspects of medieval fantasy. In terms of total number of maps, it is by far the largest custom add-on for Blood, eclipsing its nearest rivals Bloody Pulp Fiction and Death Wish.


Tchernobog, a former soothsayer of King Iconoclast IX, uses the powers of dark magic to kill his former king and steals the sword of darkness. Then he places a curse on the people of Iconoclast, with the only way for the place to be saved is if an ancient legend comes true.

Five mystic swords, including the sword of darkness, must combine to become one. One thousand years later, Caleb is captured by the Cabal and is taken to the realm of the Iconoclast, and the only way for Caleb to escape is to fulfil the ancient legend. Additional

Website: http://www.reocities.com/andersondwayne/loi.html (Internet Archive)

Download the original trilogy at: http://www.fileplanet.com/139281/130000/fileinfo/Legends-of-Iconoclast

Story Background[edit]

Additional background stories were also created by Anderson:

Legends of the Iconoclast - Part One[edit]

Format: Word Documents and Text Files compressed in a Zip File

Legends of the Iconoclast - Part Two[edit]

The Tyrant Returns

Format: Word Document

The Battle of the Iconoclast

Format: Word Document

A New Love?

Format: Word Document

Raven Dark's Return

Format: Word Document


The Cabal War[edit]

Episode 1: Beginning of the End[edit]

  • castle1: Shrapnel City
  • castle2: The Docks
  • castle3: The Cabal Ship

Episode 2: The Dark Ages[edit]

  • castle4: Where am I?
  • castle5: Village of Iconoclast Gate
  • castle6: Iconoclast Tower
  • castle7: Dunkilus
  • castle8: The Tower of Murlock

Episode 3: Into The Castle[edit]

  • castle9: Mt. Iconoclast
  • castle10: The Dragon's Lair
  • castle11: The Castle Gate
  • castle12: Moat of Lost Souls
  • castle13: The Royal Crypt
  • castle24: Tomb of Lazurus
  • castle25: The Castle Gate

Episode 4: The Tragic Prince[edit]

  • castle14: Hall of Knights
  • castle15: Gibbet of Stone
  • castle16: King's Court
  • castle17: Gardens of Lazurus
  • castle18: Inner Courtyard

Episode 5: The Sword In The Stone[edit]

  • castle19: Deathtrap Dungeon
  • castle20: Chambers of Torment
  • castle21: Bascillica of the Cabal
  • castle22: The Royal Tower
  • castle23: The Horned King's Tower

The Return[edit]

Episode 1: The Dark War[edit]

  • return1: The Cathedral

Episode 2: Plague of the Moon[edit]

  • return2: Wastelands
  • return3: Shrine of the Mystic Gods
  • return4: The Chaos Sanctuary
  • return5: The Outer Courts
  • return6: Chambers of the Damned
  • return7: Cheogh's Sanctuary

Episode 3: Quest for the Swords[edit]

  • return8: Forsaken Citadel
  • return9: Halls of Eternal Fire
  • return10: The Spider Queen's Lair
  • return11: Inner Sanctum
  • return12: The Master Room

Episode 4: Flying Nightmares[edit]

  • return13: Raven Dark's Sky Palace
  • return14: Underhalls
  • return15: Apocalypse Tower
  • return16: Halls of Darkness
  • return17: The Dark Sorcerer's Keep
  • return18: Balcony of Judgement

The Trials of Destiny[edit]

"Take on the role of Vincent Valiant Orbison, Caleb's only remaining descendant and fufill your ultimate destiny as leader of the forces of Light!"
--Official description

Episode 1: Descendant of a Light Warrior[edit]

  • tod1: Hills of Iconoclast
  • tod2: Plateau of Decay
  • tod3: Naphorphia Cliffs
  • tod4: The Spring of Life

Episode 2: A Test of Courage[edit]

  • tod5: Valley of Famine
  • tod6: Tamirtania Forest
  • tod7: Minstrel Caverns
  • tod8: Tomb of the Bard King

Episode 3: Trial By Destiny[edit]

  • tod9: Desolate Wasteland
  • tod10: Cavern of Pestilence
  • tod11: Pillar's Of Sacrifice
  • tod12: Apollo's Mountain
  • tod13: Cavern of Destiny
  • tod14: The Temple of Light
  • tod15: The Excalibur's Keep

Episode 4: Awakening of the Dark Master[edit]

  • tod16: Ishmael's Tomb
  • tod17: Temple of the Dark Master
  • tod18: Valkereye's Hall

Episode 5: Darkness of Eternity[edit]

  • tod19: Darkmosphere Palace
  • tod20: Hall of Shadows
  • tod21: Haunted Halls
  • tod22: Courtyard of the Moon
  • tod23: Nightmare Hall
  • tod24: Chambers of Dark Magic
  • tod25: Pandemonium Tower
  • tod26: Halls of the Dark Light
  • tod27: Valkereye's Tower
  • tod28: Valiant's Final Destiny

Link: RTCM demo


"In the final year of World War I, a new army was rising to power. This army, a religious military organization known as the Scourge, founded by a mysterious man named Garibaldi, had members from all across the world and other dimensions. Whether they were killers and murderers fleeing justice, or simple men and women seeking to find their place, anyone could join, promised glory and power. The Scourge made their base in a unknown dimension, free from the spying eyes of outsiders and non-members. Among its members was a young man named Logan, the son of a gunsmith. Together with his love Katrina, Logan was one of the Scourge's most skilled fighters and sharpshooters. But when Katrina discovered that the Scourge, under Garibaldi's orders, were waging war against mankind, slaughtering the innocent to build an army of the undead to conquer all dimensions, she couldn't bring herself to be part of the madness. When she tried to resign, Garibaldi had her executed for her treason. Griefstricken and enraged, Logan vowed never to forgive Garibaldi or the Scourge. When the Scourge invade his home city, Logan seeing this as his chance for retribution, determined to save his world, decides to fight back and somehow seal the Scourge from Earth and prevent further invasions. But his mission and crusade will take him back to the Scourge's homeworld where he'll discover the truth about Garibaldi, and a terrible secret his former master has been keeping. His journey will take him through forests, caverns, mountain cliffs, forsaken towns, the Scourge's cathedral, and finally through a monolithic castle, as he fights for revenge, redemption, and a chance to give meaning to the death of his beloved."
--Official storyline

In order to commemorate the project's tenth anniversary in 2011, work on a expanded and fixed up version is currently under way by its original author. A blog detailing the new project was also created by the games creator.

Scourge of Humanity[edit]

The first part of the remake is entitled "Scourge of Humanity" and is set near the end of the First World War. A powerful religious military organization known as the Scourge is waging war on mankind, led by a mysterious man named Garibaldi, whose goal is humanity's extermination. Logan, a Romanian gunsmith and former soldier of the Scourge, who turned his back on the organization after his love Katrina discovered the true purpose of the Scourge and was executed when she went against Garibaldi, fights back when his home city is invaded, seeing this as his chance for retribution, only to strand himself back in the Scourge's home dimension. Here, he discovers sinister secrets about Garibaldi. Enlisted by the wizard Murlock to save the land, Logan embarks on an epic adventure where he must fight his way through Garibaldi's castle, recover the elemental swords, rescue a cursed prince and princess, and ultimately defeat Garibaldi to save mankind and give meaning to the death of his beloved Katrina.

Scourge of Humanity was released on April 15, 2012.

Download: blood.freeminded.de, ModDB

Episode 1: Trouble On The Homefront[edit]

  • SohE1M1: City Under Siege
  • SohE1M2: Sewage System
  • SohE1M3: The Harbour
  • SohE1M4: Voyage of the Scourge

Episode 2: Where Am I?[edit]

  • SohE2M1: Iconoclast Forest
  • SohE2M2: Gate of Iconoclast
  • SohE2M3: Iconoclast Castle
  • SohE2M4: Deadwood Forest
  • SohE2M5: Basilica of Garibaldi
  • SohE2M6: Chambers of the Scourge
  • SohE2M7: Garibaldi's Sanctuary

Episode 3: Plight Of Iconoclast[edit]

  • SohE3M1: Phantom Wood
  • SohE3M2: Dunkilus Gate
  • SohE3M3: Murlock's Keep
  • SohE3M4: The Forbidden Thicket
  • SohE3M5: Lazarus Peak
  • SohE3M6: Scorch Cavern

Episode 4: Garibaldi's Gauntlet[edit]

  • SohE4M1: Main Gate
  • SohE4M2: Storm Floodgates
  • SohE4M3: Catacombs
  • SohE4M4: Ramparts of Fortitude
  • SohE4M5: Stronghold of Lazarus
  • SohE4M6: Forsaken Citadel

Episode 5: Excalibur of Light[edit]

  • SohE5M1: Dungeon of Torment
  • SohE5M2: Halls of Lazarus
  • SohE5M3: Shrine of Elemental Destiny
  • SohE5M4: Garibaldi's Tower
  • SohE5M5: Heart of Stone

Unfinished Business[edit]

The second part will be be entitled "Unfinished Business", a sequel which focuses on the protagonist continuing his war on the organization that he was once part of as he seeks to tie up a few loose ends, confront his internal demons, and once more save the world.