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Stephan Weyte

Stephan Weyte (sometimes misspelled as "Stefan" or "Stephen") is a voice actor for computer games, most importantly Caleb in both Blood and its sequel Blood II: The Chosen. He specializes in humorous voices and accents.

His other notable roles include starring in a variety of Humongous Entertainment children's games, such as the Pajama Sam and Freddi Fish series (somewhat ironic given the character of Caleb). During the late 1990s he was very much involved with Monolith Productions, voicing the previously mentioned roles in the Blood series and also voicing in Claw and Get Medieval (as well as the Monolith published Gorky 17, otherwise known as Odium). He has also voiced in a variety of other games, a good deal of which were published by Sierra Online. Another well known role of his was Greil/Narrator in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

He attended Boston University and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Stephan Weyte played Jack Stern in the 2004 film Mixing Karma.

He was previously listed as being a "Male Voice Talent" for Radio Joe's Amazing Sound Productions, Inc based in Louisville, Kentucky.

He now runs a personal website entitled "Stephan Weyte - The Magical Wonderful Prince of Stories" where he mentions that "one of my more notorious characters is the sarcastic, singing “Caleb” in Blood 1 and 2" and that "whether for peppy little cartoon characters, diabolical gaming villains, or smooth and enticing announcers, my voice can tell your story."

He provides the voice of the protagonist in the 2014 German independent film FPS - First Person Shooter.

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