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Introduction (By Gideon)[edit]

Legends of the Iconoclast
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Sprite Sheet
An engine god

This is a very special year for the Blood community, as in May we shall witness the fifteenth anniversary of the release of the original game. However, today we recognize a more humble event: the Blood Wiki is now four years old. So then, what is new in the world of the wiki? Well, just about everything. The very core of our website has changed forever. Gone are the days of us being an independent entity on a a free hosting site, we are now a truly integrated part of the wider community. Alongside Transfusion and other great Blood tomes, we are a now a proud member of the Death Mask family. We also thank everyone who took part in this initiative and gave their comments and ballots, your support for our efforts are truly appreciated, and most of all thank William Weilep for his work and continual financial contribution. All together, we feel stronger, safer and readier than ever before to become the one stop source for all information bloody.

Of course, we have not been the only ones doing a service to Blood this year. and keeping it's spirit alive. The world of Blood modding has been highlighted by the completion and launch of the mega-mod Death Wish this past Halloween (arguably the biggest news since Bloody Pulp Fiction was released in 2009), Dwayne Anderson's resumed work on Legends of the Iconoclast and even the new Blood II enhancer project Extra Crispy. The HYPERTENSION effort has gone into another phase, and has shed its direct attachment to Blood: but the creators still promise a bloody experience. In the realm of other media, there is also the fan film project Blood: Resurrection of Evil to mention. In short, another year and we are all still kicking. One wonders it these old bones will ever lay themselves to rest, with prospects coming from the XL Engine suggesting much.

The Shogo community has also had an interesting year, with the launch of Shogo Tribute: a one stop download source, deathmatch hub and community location, the first of its kind since fell a few years ago. Inspired by this, the Shogo Sub-Section has undergone major renovations; the least of which is the submission of a proper logo. The article on Shogo modifications is more complete than ever, download links fully restored thanks to and a large swathe of images (including brand new fan artwork by your's truly) and notes have been added here and there. Once standing as the last major Shogo dedicated region on the Internet, save for Good Old Games, we now stand proudly with our fellow fans. Not that work on Blood related content has stalled, with the addition of new categorization, sprite sheets, biographies for Bill Vandervoort, Mike Dussault and Damien Azreal (still working on getting his real name from the mass of DNF credits), efforts to incorporate content from The Postmortem community, the completion of our collections archive, an in-depth YouTube crawl and the expansion of our "List of Websites" article. Gideon 21:16, 12 January 2012 (CST)

Introduction (By Tchernobog)[edit]

Extra Crispy
Death Wish

And thus concludes another busy year for the Blood Wiki, and for the Blood community in general. The biggest event of 2011 was obviously the move, and thankfully that has gone exceedingly well for us. We now have our own domain name, a modern and up to date Media Wiki engine, free file hosting, actual support from our generous host, and most importantly, the knowledge that all our content is now safe and sound. Every time that our old host went down, I always had a terrible fear that we would never come back up again. Thankfully, we do not need to fear anymore. William "Willis" Weilep deserves our eternal gratitude for everything he has done for the Wiki this year.

Of course, the rest of the community has not been sitting idly by either. We have seen the release of Death Wish, which I have finally gotten around to start playing, the resurrection of Legends of Iconoclast, work on an amateur Blood film, and perhaps the greatest surprise of all, a new tweak mod for Blood II: The Chosen. Of all these, it is Extra Crispy I have probably spent the most time with. And of course, we have had the usual scourge of new fan artwork from all over the internet, with special mention going to the fine folks over at Blood Thirsters for their work. Let's hope that 2012 brings even more progress from everyone!

Tchernobog 21:15, 12 January 2012 (CST)

PS: And of course, thanks to everyone else who has contributed to the Wiki this year. Seeing your edits is always a welcome change from the usual postings of the spam bots.


The Blood Wiki (January 14, 2011)
The Blood Wiki (January 12, 2012)

Below is a list of contributions by user, sorted from greatest to least. This is a rough number however, since it includes edits to talk and user pages as well as submissions to articles. Also, Gideon and Tchernobog have used each other's accounts on occasion depending on which computer they were using at the time. This also includes edits from 2008, 2009 and 2010, and contributors who have not made an edit in the past year.

For more statistics see the "See Also" section!


Again, thanks to all editors, contributors, readers and lurkers.

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