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I rlaely needed to find this info, thank God!
<p align="center">'''''Blood: Resurrection of Evil'''''</p>
'''Director:''' TBD
'''Producer:''' Kung Vanargand
'''Screenplay:''' Kung Vanargand
'''Starring:''' TBD
'''Country:''' [[wikipedia:Luxembourg|Luxembourg]]
'''Runtime:''' TBD
'''Released:''' TBD
'''Language:''' English
'''Blood: Resurrection of Evil''' is an under development [[:category:Fan Media|fan project]] to create an [[:wikipedia:amateur film|amateur film]] based on the ''[[Blood]]'' universe. To be filmed and created in [[wikipedia:Luxembourg|Luxembourg]], the film is to be filmed mostly outdoors due to production concerns, which will be justified by the film's storyline. The project is being developed by Black sheep and is under the direction of Kung Vanargand.
The films first episode, Caleb's Awakening, was released to the public on Febuary 20, 2012.
== Story ==
{{quote|quotation="Caleb will once more be in the middle of dark forces trying to overwhelm the world! And the world will have to do with our favorite bad good guy to save it!  The ending will be wide open for sequels if we are successful! I already have ideas!"|attributedTo=Kung Vanargand}}
The films will be split up into five distinct parts and will feature many aspects of the ''Blood'' universe, as well as incorporating some iconic [[wikipedia:horror|horror]] figures and aspects, such as the ''[[wikipedia:Necronomicon|Necronomicon]]''.
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W7-qn7xhJs Watch the Introduction]
'''Episode 1: Caleb's Awakening'''
The story plays some time after ''[[Blood 2]]'', with the four Chosen having saved the Earth but still being feared and even hated by human society. This has forced them to lead a life distant from the rest of human kind, until one day evil arose again.
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3vtD5fe_f0&feature=youtu.be Watch Caleb's Awakening]
'''Episode 2: Ophelia's Nightmare'''
'''Episode 3: Curse of Crystal Lake'''
'''Episode 4: Gabriella's Haunting'''
'''Epsiode 5: Shadows of Tchernobog'''
== Gallery ==
== Development ==
Filming for the project began on July 2, 2011.
Much of the music for the film has been created by Neurological, who has been involved in several Blood related and independent projects. Ransu has also contributed his work on reworks of music from the original games.
On Febuary 11, 2012 it was announced that while working on exporting the finished version of Episode 1, the program that was being used crashed and corrupted the entire project including the backups, leaving them with only the visual effects files. This  forced them to have to recut everything from the beginning.
The first Episode was finally released on Febuary 20, 2012.
{{quote|quotation="I have been surprised to find things work out great were I thought it wouldnt work, and things that I believed to be unfailable show a bit of missplacment, like some sounds. That will be corrected, some day I will do a directors cut, hopefully with a better program and everything as intended! Most has worked out very well, but tell me what you think (Keeping in mind the trouble I had)! Got some good first reactions in my family! In fact they had a lot of fun watching it! Hope that continues! Thank you all for every bit of support!"|attributedTo=''Kung Vanagrand upon release of Episode 1''}}
I also have this prolbem.  My family lived in the UK from 1987 to 1988, just two years and I'm still not allowed to give blood.  I wish I were able to help those in need

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I rlaely needed to find this info, thank God!