Blood Music Rearrangement for Orchestra

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Blood Music Rearrangement for Orchestra was a project to rearrange the soundtrack for Blood to fit with an orchestra completed in July 2007 by noderus.

Version 1.0r

  • blood05: nothing mentionable changed
  • blood06: drum track, the ending
  • blood07: track is longer
  • blood12: section at 2:00 emphasized, timpani, enhanced string section
  • blood16: added harp at the beginning
  • CBLOOD1: added violine melody at 1:19
  • CBLOOD2: added timpani
  • CBLOOD3: added timpani
  • CBLOOD4: nothing mentionable changed
  • CBLOOD5: added violin starting at 1:18
  • CBLOOD6: nothing mentionable changed
  • CBLOOD7: new beginning, new drum track
  • CBLOOD8: added drum track,
  • CBLOOD9: nothing mentionable changed
  • PESTIS: modified beginning
  • UNHOLY: added harp section

"Almost all files were edited in order to sound better. Note velocities, track volumes have been adjusted accordingly. Timpani has been added to many tracks."

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