C2L4: Cabalco Meat Packing Plant

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C2L4: Cabalco Meat Packing Plant is the fifthteenth level in the game Blood II: The Chosen, and the fourth level of the second chapter (map name: 11_slaughter_house). Caleb must journey through a large meat packing plant, with rather tasteless and disgusting implements, such as a slaughter room and "grape-flavoring".

Loading Screen Text[edit]

Level 4: Cabalco Meat Packing Plant

Hungry for more meat? Sure you are. We all are! At Cabalco, we understand meat, so we've developed a new line of products to fulfill all your varied meat needs! Meat In A Can! It's both affordable and delicious! Comes in your favorite regular meat flavors... offal, cattle, foul, swine, goat, and bottom-feeding fish! Or, try out our newest selections! We've recently added a wonderfully yeasty sourdough meat, a fine new fermented-prune meat, and an ever-so-slightly hallucinogenic fungal meat! At Cabalco Meat Packing Plant we continue to create the foods of the future! Even better we now average more than 82 percent E. Coli free!



Enemies Present[edit]


Weapons present[edit]


Fun Stuff[edit]

  • The Blood II REZ file also contains some dialogue that was cut from the final game:
    • CULTIST: Mm, now that's good eatin'.
  • The level also features two Innocents engaging in the following conversation:
    • FEMALE CIVILIAN: Man, all this gristle is making me hungry. What do you want for lunch?
      MALE CIVILIAN: Anything, except hamburgers.
      FEMALE CIVILIAN: How bout a hot dog?
      MALE CIVILIAN: Yeah, I got a hot dog for you. Ha ha.
  • The 1997 Build engine game Redneck Rampage, sibling to the original Blood, also had a level set in a meat packing plant for fried chicken, J.Clucks.

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