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Urban Decay (DWE1M7) is the seventh level of the first episode of the add-on Death Wish, considerably known as episode 7. The level takes place in an unknown European town. Unlike in the main campaign, this level is largely centred around commercial buildings, such as apartments, an office room, and several brick tenements with more and more enemy assasults.

Level Designer: Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley

Song Track: 6 - Father Time (CD-Audio), cblood8 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 82
Pink on the Inside 82
Lightly Broiled 83
Well Done 100
Extra Crispy 147
Number of Secrets


"Blood Death Wish 1.4 - E1M7 Urban Decay - All Secrets - UHD 4K" (pagb666) - YouTube

"Use the barrel to jump up on the wall and walk along the ledge to the area with the truck. Kill the Cultist and the truck will move forward allowing you to get the Dagger Key on the ground behind it. Go back to where you started. Ignore the stairs and head into the apartment building. Tchernobog will transform into a large brood of Rats if you get close, so toss some TNT his way. Go into the first apartment with blue carpeting and watch out for the Zombie behind the door. Get the health in the kitchen if you need it (you will be returning to this apartment) as well as ammo and armor from the bedroom closet. Kill the Zombie hiding in the bathroom and a wall will open up in the bedroom, letting you pass into the blue apartment. There are a slew of Zombies beyond the bedroom door so be ready. Kill the Butcher in the kitchen for the Skull Key and head back out of the apartment building (watch out for the Phantasm that appears in the red apartment after killing the Butcher). Go up the stairs in the starting area and kill the Fanatic in the elevator booth. Hit the switch and bring the elevator down, which will be carrying 2 Cultists. Ride up the elevator and clear out the office. Take your time and clear out the office slowly - there are Cultists hidden in some of the cubicles. Get the Fire Key from a Butcher in the women's bathroom. The other bathroom has a Flare gun. Enter the manager's office and immediately blast the Zealot with gunfire before he can get a shot off. Break the large window in his office and jump to the closest rooftop straight ahead. This is a very tricky jump, and any misstep will send you plummeting to your death. Once outside, navigate over to the window of another apartment building and break in. A Gargoyle will break into the bedroom so you may want your Tesla Cannon handy. Jump out the window of the bathroom (where a Zombie is hiding) onto a rooftop. Look at the blinking green finance sign and turn left - you will see an office you will be visiting later with some baddies in it. You can try to take them out early by breaking the window furthest to the left and tossing some explosives up there. Look at the blinking green finance sign and turn right - you will see the finance building and an entrance. Jump down to the financial building and ride the elevator to the ground floor. Head over to the exit sign and go left. There is some ammo in the first bathroom. The dark bathroom has a Doctor's Bag if you need it, but 2 Phantasms will appear as soon as you pick it up. Activate the elevator at the end of the hall, which is full of Zombies. A Spray Can or Proximity Mines may be useful here. Ride the elevator up and kill the Cultists if you did not earlier. Get the Key in the last cubicle. A green Cultist is now blocking the elevator. If you shoot or get near him he will blow up the entire floor and the next rooftop, so only do it if you are fast. Take the same route as before back down to the ground floor of the finance building. Zombies will break through the exit doors when you approach. Head out into the parking lot and get ready for a big fight. Go to the top of the tower on the border wall and grab the Eye Key. Several Zealots will appear when the window breaks on the previous building. Get back inside the building and go left. Bring the elevator down (it has a Butcher and a Hell Hound) and ride up to the end of the mission."--Bloatoid's Guide

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]


  • In the office, break through the window near the manager's door Reward: Super Armour
  • In the light bathroom inside the finacial building that read "GRUDE FINACE", press on the bloody handprint inside the bathroom stall, a secret chamber will open up Reward: Basic Armour, Tesla Charges x2
  • Again inside the finacial building that read "GRUDE FINACE", after you ride up the elevator to the upper floor (the one without a key) break the first window on the left as you entered and jump outside near the fan Reward: Life Seed
  • At the parking lot where Zombies used to break through the exit doors, come outside and go left along the building to some metal canisters then jump behind them Reward: Napalm Launcher, Asbestos Armour
  • Before hitting the end-level switch, hop out the nearby window and head down to the area with large wooden crates near a wall. Reward: Super Armour, Life Essence

Fun Stuff[edit]

- One of the buildings is called Juon Finance. The building's name is a reference to the Japanese horror movie series Ju-On, known in the West as The Grudge. When first entering the lobby and turning to the left hallway, one can see a looming black mass coming out of one of the doors. This is a reference to one of the scenes in the 2002 entry to the series.

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