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Move forward and clear out the red chapel area. There are several Fanatics and Cultists in the chapel so beware. In the next room you will see the Skull door on the left and exits to the right and straight ahead. Go right and kill the Cultist outside. SECRET#1: Behind one of the pillars in this area (facing out toward the rain) you will see a switch. Press it to reveal some hidden Body Armor. Keep going past the dark hallway back outside and you will find the Skull Key. Use it to open the Skull Door, being careful not to get sliced by the Phantasm waiting just beyond. The next room has a forklift. Use the switch on it to move the lift toward the window, then use the lift as a stepladder to reach the window ledge. SECRET#2: From here you can jump onto a nearby barrel shelf and go into a vent with Limited Invisibility. Go outside the open window near where the forklift stopped and through the silo to a large outdoor area with some blue lights. Grab the Eye Key from the Zealot and return inside. You can now access the upper walkway area from where Fanatics were firing at you earlier. Proceed through several doors. Shoot the barrel in the storage room and it will blow open a passage to the next section.

To the left are some enemies and a moss-covered temple. You will be going to the right through a cavelike area first. At the end of the cave will be a hole in the wall that gives access to a sewage tunnel. SECRET#3: Jump over the sewage to the upper platform to get some Basic Armor and a Napalm Launcher, which will make the next part of the mission easier. Head into the sewage (with a powerful weapon handy for the Gill Beasts) and you will come to a break in the pipe ceiling. Emerge from the opening and you will find yourself in the vineyard. Some enemies will be coming down the slope to attack you. At the top of the hill is the winery. SECRET#4: Before you go in, jump on the barrel near the rock wall to find some Reflective Shots sitting over the ledge. The Dagger Key is on the long tasting table on the inside-left, but you will have to plow through some serious resistance before you can reach it safely. SECRET#5: On the opposite side of the winery from the tasting table (to the right of a large window) there is a hidden switch up on the ledge. Hit it to reveal some explosive ammo and Spirit Armor. Now that you have the Dagger Key, return to the moss-covered temple and enter it. Head right out of the entrance area into the orange-lit room. Turn left and press on the lion slab to lower it. Descend to the bottom of the shaft to the next orange room. SECRET#6: If you press on the lion slab right ahead in the lower room you will reveal a hidden Tesla Cannon. Proceed to the green water pool and grab the Fire Key. Return to the main entrance and head up the opposite passageway with the stairs. SECRET#7: If you jump across the green water to the dirt hill and look on the right, you will see a switch on the white stone wall. Press it to obtain some Tommy Gun & Tesla ammo. Use the Fire Key on the switch at the top of the stairs to open the stone gateway across the wooden bridge. Return to the main entrance and cross the bridge. SECRET#8: While crossing, look behind you toward the ceiling. You will see a stone face that you can shoot to reveal a hidden Life Seed. After obtaining it you may need to jump into the green water pool to return to the main entrance. Open the doors past the gateway and continue to the end of the mission.