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Guy Whitmore

Guy Whitmore is a composer specializing in video game music, notable for creating the soundtracks to Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza, Russian Squares, Shivers, Blood, Blood II: The Chosen, Shogo: Mobile Armor Division and No One Lives Forever. He is the co-founder of a music production company called Music Design Network, and a founding member of the Seattle Composers Alliance. Since November 2010 he has been the studio audio director for PopCap Games, previously working for Microsoft Game Studios (July 2004 – November 2010), Monolith Productions (1997 – 1999, collaborating with Daniel Bernstein) and Sierra Online (1994 – 1997). He has also been a speaker at Develop Conference (2008-2009) and Casual Connect (2008), and is listed as a "yee haw" for Project BarBQ from 2004 to 2008. Guy Whitmore has specialized in creating "adaptive music" for video games, using techniques such as cross-fading, location-based music, and techniques to render music "on-the-fly" rather than using "pre-rendered" linear tracks. This premiered in the games Blood II and Shogo. His current role at Monolith is taken up by Nathan Grigg.

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