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*"Time to start piling up the bodies!"
*"Time to start piling up the bodies!"
*"I'm here to donate some blood. Somebody else's..."
*"I'm here to donate some blood. Someone else's..."
*"Lambs to the slaughter..."
*"Lambs to the slaughter..."

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This article is a list of quotations from the Blood series. Please only post original quotes; for oral references in the Blood series, please place them in the References in Blood article.


(all spoken in gruff tone)

  • "When you get to hell, tell them I sent you. You will get a group discount."
  • "This promises to be fun!"
  • "Ughh, and I thought I was ugly"
  • "I never said I was smart"
  • "I am denial, I will face nothing!"
  • "Another day another corpse."
  • "I'll have a BLT, that's a lettuce, tomato, and blood sandwich. Hold the mayo, huh? HA HA HA!"
  • "I am not that hungry!" - After seeing a rat on a grill.
  • "Now, where did all those gun-toting madmen get to?"
  • "Walk now and live, stay and die!" - talking to a Prophet.
  • "I am death, who want some?"
  • "Lucky you, killed by the best!"
  • "Now now, no need to get worked up!"
  • "Well that's ONE way to open somebody up, but not nearly as quick or fun as my method!" - after seeing a dissected corpse.
  • "How do you like your flesh cooked?""
  • "They're gonna need a bucket and a mop when I'm done with you!"
  • "You won't look so good with your face ripped off!"
  • "Time to start piling up the bodies!"
  • "I'm here to donate some blood. Someone else's..."
  • "Lambs to the slaughter..."
  • "I'd say I'm sorry, but you know it wouldn't be sincere. Have a nice day."
  • "I'm your best reason to be afraid."
  • "Looks like there's killing to do."
  • "This looks...extraordinarily bad."
  • "No one can stop me!"
  • "Amateurs..."
  • (after seeing a picture of Gideon) "That's him! That's the man I'm looking for!"
  • "Fool! You are already dead!"
  • "I must stop this train!"
  • "I want JoJo! I want JoJo! JOJO! JOJO!"
  • "Rest in pieces..."
  • "But I like my hands bloody."
  • (after falling from a broken bridge) "A fine example of typical Cabal construction..."
  • "Looks like my train's come in."
  • "Gah, leftovers."
  • (after killing someone) "You must have blinked."
  • "Red is definitely your colour..."
  • "You've looked better... but not by much!"
  • "Looks like there's killing to do."
  • "Now you're going to pay! And my weenies better not be burnt when I get back, huh? "


(all spoken in a casual British Indian accent)

  • "Why must I suffer these idle minded morons?"
  • "I will not suffer your insolence much longer!"
  • "I will tear your soul apart!"
  • "Yes, yes, very amusing."
  • "Unemployment did not cover evil cultists in those days, so the only place an out of work tattooed man could find work was the circus. And so, for a time, I became JoJo." - Explaining why he took the job of JoJo the idiot Circus Boy.
  • "JoJo hears and obeys master!"
  • "Could you please pass the weenies."


(all spoken in a thick Creole accent)

  • "Caleb? What the hell is this?"
  • "These things are everywhere out there. The Cabal must be pretty desperate to be creating such creatures."
  • (in response to Caleb saying "These aren't Cabal.": "Then what are they?"
  • "I'm not sure I can count on you anymore. This becoming a bad situation. If you cant solve it, I will!"
  • "Of course, my papa would take me to the circus every year, and I would see JoJo. I used to throw little clumps of dirt at him."
  • "So Ophelia, what's your scariest story? Chipped a nail reloading once?"
  • In response to Ophelia's exasperation: "And that's it, it was scary."
  • Continued: "Do you want me to tell you this story or not?"
  • "Good, now shut up, both of you. So there I am at this old drafty mansion, deep in the southern bayou near where I grew up. It's a cloudy night, and the air is filled with fog and swamp gas."
  • "Shut up! Or I will kill you both."

Ophelia Price[edit]

(spoken in an English accent)

  • "Cut me loose, and I will give you a full cherry pie!"
  • "He wants you to follow him! You dumb bastard!"
  • "No! I can not be beaten!"


(dark and booming)

  • "You have failed me! I disavow you all!"
  • "I have taken your love! Now I will take your life! Consider my power from a hallow grave!"
  • "You will know what to do when the time comes."
  • "Two doors lead to certain death, choose wisely."
  • "I have awaited you!"
  • "You where always loyal to me, you most of all my child."
  • "With the power you bring I shall open the doors to the worlds and inherit the Earth."
  • "You are JoJo no longer. Abandon these mortals and come to my side, there is much work to be done."

The Voice[edit]

(see Tchernobog)

Match Start Announcements[edit]

  • The festival of blood continues.
  • The carnage continues.
  • May the killing continue.
  • Let the bloodfeud begin.
  • May the bloodfeud continue.
  • Determine the masters of the bloodfeud.
  • Let the bloodfeud start.
  • Begin the bloodfeud.
  • Bloodfeud my children.

Death Announcements[edit]

  • Afterlife theories...
  • An idiot.
  • Anal madness.
  • Annihilated.
  • Asshole.
  • Auto-immolated.
  • Baked.
  • Beaten like a kirk.
  • Body-bagged.
  • Boned.
  • Brained.
  • Bye-bye now.
  • Caboose.
  • Cancelled.
  • Castrated.
  • Cavity search.
  • Chunky man chowder.
  • Chunky woman chowder.
  • Complete the kill.
  • Creamed.
  • Crème de banane.
  • Cries for mommy.
  • Crushed.
  • Decaffeinated.
  • Decimated.
  • Decorated.
  • Defiled.
  • Delivered.
  • Demonstrated.
  • Desecrate her.
  • Desecrate him.
  • Destroyed.
  • Diced.
  • Disassembled.
  • Disemboweled.
  • Dog meat.
  • Dogged.
  • Drop kicked.
  • Drowned in own vomit.
  • Dumbly departed.
  • Early retirement.
  • End it now.
  • Episode of stupidity.
  • Eviscerated.
  • Excellent.
  • Excrement.
  • Exited stage left.
  • Father's milk.
  • Felonious foolishness.
  • Fine work.
  • Fisted.
  • Flattened.
  • Fresh loaf.
  • Fubared.
  • Gargled.
  • Go bye bye.
  • Good one.
  • Greased.
  • Gutted.
  • Hamburger.
  • He is yours.
  • He shoots he scores.
  • Head cheese.
  • Hosed.
  • Humiliated.
  • Humped.
  • Impaled.
  • Interned.
  • Jacked.
  • Joined the hemlock society.
  • Justice.
  • Kamikazed.
  • Killed.
  • Lickety split.
  • Liquified.
  • Lobotomized.
  • Lunchmeat.
  • Madness.
  • Mangled.
  • Massacred.
  • Maximum bloodshed.
  • Mincemeat.
  • Molested.
  • Mutilated.
  • Nailed.
  • Need a tricycle?
  • Needs supervision.
  • Nippled.
  • Obituary.
  • Obliterated.
  • Offed.
  • Offered.
  • Pantywaist.
  • Pass the chili.
  • Penetrated.
  • Pimped.
  • Pissed.
  • Planted in the carcass field.
  • Plastered.
  • Poorly.
  • Popped.
  • Population control.
  • Pounded.
  • Proper payback.
  • Properly penetrated.
  • Pulped.
  • Rained giblets.
  • Reamed.
  • Rectal redemption.
  • Right to die.
  • Ripped.
  • Ripped 'em loose.
  • Road kill.
  • Roasted.
  • Rolled and stuffed.
  • Room temperature.
  • Salute the flagpole.
  • Sausage.
  • Scrotum separation.
  • Self love.
  • Self-flagellation.
  • Sent to hell.
  • Served.
  • Shanked.
  • Shat upon.
  • She is yours.
  • Skidmarked.
  • Slagged.
  • Slapped.
  • Slaughtered.
  • Sliced.
  • Smacked.
  • Smashed.
  • Smoked.
  • Snuffed.
  • Sodomized.
  • Some bile.
  • Spanked.
  • Sphincter.
  • Spillage.
  • Splattered.
  • Spleened.
  • Spleevited.
  • Sprayed.
  • Squashed.
  • Stained.
  • Stapled.
  • Sterilized.
  • Talented.
  • Terminated.
  • The agony of defeat.
  • The anger.
  • The blood.
  • The brutality.
  • The butchery.
  • The fisting.
  • The horror.
  • The humiliation.
  • The hurtfulness.
  • The love.
  • The maiming.
  • The member.
  • The needlessness.
  • The pointlessness
  • The slaughter.
  • The tears.
  • The torture.
  • The trauma.
  • Throttled.
  • Toasted.
  • Unassisted death.
  • Used.
  • Vaporized.
  • Ventilated.
  • Wasted.
  • Well done.
  • Whipped.
  • Whipped and creamed.
  • Whooped.


  • "We have always lurked among you... like maggots in the bloated, stinking corpse of a diseased rat."
  • "Until a century ago, everything was going according to our... evil plans. We never expected to be betrayed by one of our own."
  • "He destroyed our god and absorbed the power of Tchernobog!"
  • "I and I alone will restore our Dark God."
  • "I will destroy Caleb. I will mash his intestines beneath my feet like rotten grapes."
  • "And Caleb will die for the last time!"
  • "This is Gideon, your guest conductor. Hold on tight. The ride might get a little... bloody."
  • "Don't have much luck with trains, do you?"
  • "I wont be a minute, I'm just changing into something UNPLEASANT!"
  • "You shall be purged! The Cabal will live again!"
  • "Sorry to break up this lovely reunion betrayer, but I have to keep you... motivated!"
  • "You were lucky this time betrayer, in a few hours everything will fall back to order and I will be rid of you forever. For now I must take my leave, don't worry though. My troops will keep you company. Play nice."
  • "Ah, Caleb I have been expecting you, you predictable oaf."
  • "Oh yes, hello. Surely you'll remember me. The power-mad and vainglorious Gideon."
  • "Once upon a time I pretended to the throne of the gods. Well, I suppose I got my wish. My undying soul is bound to this cranial prison for all eternity, no thanks to Caleb and his Chosen Ones."
  • "Anyway, there's no sense being bitter about it. I imagine one day I'll serve as a muse to some unfortunate playwright who wanders this way."
  • "Observe, and be entertained, dear player."
  • "Caleb is victorious yet again. It seems nothing can stop him. At times it is almost as if the unseen hand of some otherworldly being is guiding his actions."
  • "Caleb will burn!"

Cabal Members[edit]

  • "You're dead! You hear me! DEAD!"
  • "I'll drink your blood!"
  • "You will die a slow, slow, death!"


  • "Hey! Who the *beep* are you supposed to be?!"
  • "Please tell me your the hero type?!"
  • "I've got to cut down on my drinking."
  • "Oh *Beep*, this is not my day!"
  • "Every thing's going to hell here, what is this?"
  • "Nobody wants to hurt you... get the *beep* out of my face!"
  • "GO AWAY!"
  • "There's no place like home."

Fan Media[edit]


  • "Well, I don't know. I was awfully young then" - A Caleb Carol referring to "Do you remember where you where born?"
  • "He takes it out on some sodomites?" - A Caleb Carol in response to "Do you know what god does when he is angry?"
  • "I have this nasty little habit of shooting little annoying people. Do you know anyone in that category?" - The Wealthy Gentleman.
  • "I am one of the Chosen, once the elite servants of the Dark God Tchernobog, the one the binds, devour of souls" - Caleb on Cronus.
  • "That slime-faced grinning granite chunk belongs in a cage with the hell hounds." - Deadwood referring to Cheogh.
  • "Fool! I've been doing this for 260 years! You're just another corpse now!" - Caleb versus Lobo
  • "And now? Listen up lad: I'm dead! Whatcha going do? Huh? Giving me heart massage and kill me again?" - Caleb versus Lobo
  • "You can take away my mortality, you can take away my love, you can take away my friends, you can take away most of my weapons every 8 or 9 levels... but you can never take my PITCHFOOOOOOOOORK! Or my wicked sweet hat." - fan quotation.


  • "The One that Binds must preform a certain ritual. Only an incarnation of Tchernobog can preform this ritual. Very little information has been revealed to mortals, but the One that Binds can preform the ritual by instinct." - Ishmael on the Run referring to sealing the rifts.
  • "Oh yes. I believe Cheogh would have words to say about that." - Deadwood talking to Caleb about Cheogh's jealousy.


  • "You got no appreciation for the finer things in life… like explosions." Deadwood referring to Ishmael.
  • "Looks like the party is over. Shame they all had to leave. But I suppose it is for the best. We never would have had enough clips for everyone" - Tales of Blood: Everyday Life

Ophelia Price[edit]

  • "Aren't you even concerned that only Ishmael was told about this part of the task?" - Deadwood talking with Caleb.
  • "You over-analyze too much, Ishmael." - Deadwood.


  • "When I looked up I saw the man in the dark hat starring at me, and I froze in fear." - The Man in the Dark Hat referring to Caleb.
  • "What the hell do you think you were doing, running through the enemy's fire? Who do you think you are a god?" - Caleb Goes Off to War by a Canadian general referring to Caleb's actions in combat.

Cabal Members[edit]

  • "You will fall betrayer, sometime you will slip and we will be there to catch you." - Caleb Goes Off to War a cultist referring to Caleb.
  • "Love grape? Well the master chefs at CabalCo have cooked up some grape goodness. A steak dinner will never be the same again!" - Dark Anniversary from a CabalCo advertisement.
  • "Tonight's topic for discussion is the betrayer, and how to destroy him. Powerful magic from an ancient scroll could be the weapon needed to finalize the betrayer's death. All that is required now, is the betrayer" - The Elder from Tales of Blood: The Hunt


  • "Your encounter with Tchernobog has left you wondering whether or not that was the real Tchernobog, as you can still hear him in your mind. It doesn't surprise you that it wasn't. Still following the voice of your old boss, you must find the genuine article and shut him up for good." - Blood TC after fighting the decoy Tchernobog.

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