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Welcome to the great Tchernobog's Archives, which holds many tomes of knowledge the Blood Community has created in the hopes it will prevent it from disappearing.

Planet Blood Bakckup[edit]

I started this when we backed up the Planet Blood Fan Fiction and Fan Atwork last spring. Recently I was disheartened to hear from Slink that "Please be warned that the planetblood site will soon be removed, and all the content thereon will be lost if not saved by a... savior." I have decided to back up content from that website and host it here.

Tchernobog Archives:


Baytor's Guides:


Main Blood Wiki:

OGR Backup[edit]

Here is a rather good review Blood II: The Chosen review I found and archived, although I dissagree about his statements about the plot and the flare gun was not that bad!

Wikipedia Backup[edit]

Here is the former Caleb Wikipedia article, which had a quite happy home before various Wikipedia users got rid of it. This article contributed greatly to me being a fan of Blood in the first place, so I am giving it a nice home here.

From the workshop of Kevin Kilstrom[edit]

Originally posted on The Postmortem, I decided to archive it as it contains valuable development information that should not be entrusted to only one host.

Old User Page[edit]

It is my old user page from before 2012. Enough said.