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The Bloody Interviews
The Bloody Interviews

Welcome to the Bloody Interviews, my weekly column.

The purpose of this column is to get inside the heads of some of the rougher characters from Blood and Blood2. I'll be interviewing Gargoyles, the odd fanatic (actually, they're all odd) and even a few of the Chosen themselves! So, prepare for something a little bit different...

[ Mmm, handy! ]

An interview with The Hand from Blood1 >> April 20th

[ History ]

An interview with Brian Goble from Monolith >> March 28th

[ Conspiracy! ]

An interview with Baytor from PlanetBlood >> March 14th

[ Exposed? ]

An interview with a Gremlin from Blood2:Nightmares >> March 7th

[ Bite me ]

An interview with a Rat from Blood1 >> February 28th

[ The Bad Man ]

An interview with Gideon from Blood2, with guest voice actor, Jay Wilson! >> February 21st

[ Slice and deice ]

An interview with a Bloated Butcher from Blood1 >> February 14th

[ Shouta youa! ]

An interview with Gabriella from Blood2 >> February 7th

[ Did you hear that? ]

An interview with a Mime from Blood1 >> January 31st

[ 2 heads, no brain ]

An interview with Cerberus from Blood1 >> January 24th

[ A man with no name ]

An interview with a Cultist from Blood1 >> January 17th

[ The tip of the wing ]

An interview with a Gargoyle from Blood1 >> January 10th

[ A smaller world ]

An interview with a Lil' Caleb from The Plasma Pack >> January 3rd

- mugwum