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The Bloody Interviews

This week, we shall be interviewing Mime.

Hello Mime.

... [Mime raises his right arm and slaps the air as if he were slapping an invisible man on the back]

Yes, it is nice to see you too. I hope you're feeling better. You had the flu did you not?

... [Mime raises his left hand to his throat, and pretends to massage his temples with his right]

Poor old Mime! Did you have any medication?

... [Nods]

What did they give you?

... [Moves hands around as if with tablets and needles]

Viagra and heroin?

... [Shakes head - raises arm and pretends to put needle in arm]

Just heroin then?

... [Mime shakes head again, pretends to cough and uses pretend needle again]


... [Mime smiles widely and pretends to clap]

What was the Viagra for then?

... [Mime shakes head angrily]

It wasn't for you?

... [Mime pretends to unscrew and bottle, take out two tablets and swallow, then he lies down on his front]

Yes, Viagra, I already worked that out. I thought you weren't married though, so who were you on top of?

... [Mime is now angry. He takes his pills from his pocket and shows them to me. He takes two and lies down]

[Reading] Pills for quick flu recovery. OH I SEE! You had the flu and needed pills. I understand now!

... [Mime looks happy]

I still don't see where the Viagra came into it though.

... [Mime lunged at me, but sadly, being a Mime, all he could do was pretend to shoot me and pretend to be caught in a glass room]

[Sadly though, after Mime had done his act, I did mine and shot him]

- mugwum