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Aaron Carlson

"Aaron has been creating art and animation for video games for over ten years, beginning his career at Monolith. He has been involved in bringing more than a dozen games to market, most recently Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom on PS3 for SOE and Midway’s Gauntlet: Sevens Sorrows as lead animator. Aaron's focus has been on art and animation throughout his career, but his real passion is making great games. As such he is keenly interested in all aspects of game development and enjoys working closely with design and programming to push the boundaries of what games are and what they can become. Outside the gaming world Aaron enjoys participating in numerous sports, especially basketball. He has two Children and a beautiful wife. He also enjoys playing the guitar and writing poetry; several of his poems have been published in national publications. He also has starred in two independent films."

Aaron Carlson was the lead 3D animator for Blood and its Plasma Pak expansion, as well as an additional 3D animator on Blood II: The Chosen; as well work on Get Medieval and Gruntz. He has been in the video game industry for well over a decade starting with his work at Monolith Productions, having worked on more than a dozen commercial video games, such as being the lead animator on Gauntlet: Sevens Sorrows for Midway Games. In addition, he has worked for 38 Studios and Sony Online Entertainment, where he currently is a senior animator. He has a wife and two children, has starred in two independent films, and has had several poems published in national publications. He also enjoys guitar playing and sports, particularly basketball.

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