C1L2: Pickman St. Station

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Pickman St. Station

C1L2: Pickman St. Station is the second level in the game Blood II: The Chosen (map name: 02_cityhub). It represents an urban area with such implements as a laudromat, hotel, and dilapidated housing.

Loading Screen Text/Objectives[edit]

Level 2: Pickman St. Station

That hurt. That hurt a lot. The last time you blacked out, it was after throwing back nineteen consecutive shots of JoJo's Black Label #47, and even then, you think your physical proximity to the ice-cream stand you blew up had more to do with it. Ah, well. That idiot vendor shouldn't have pissed you off by putting sprinkles on your Killer Kiddy Kone. Speaking of sprinkles, you suspect it would behoove you to find Gideon and liberally sprinkle him on the nearest wall!


Gideon's ruined your commute, and now he's running like a coward. Are you gonna stand for that? Follow him to the museum and give him what he deserves. Look out for his cronies along the way.

Jumping is your friend![edit]

The trashcans on the opposite ledge contain some goodies. Try to jump over there and get 'em! (Jumping while in run mode will lengthen your jump.)

Good work, Sherlock[edit]

Your jumping skills paid off! You found a flashlight. Locate it in your inventory and try it out. It will come in handy when you come across a dark area.

Eric's Crazy Firing Range[edit]

Try out this Mac-10 on those targets. Notice how you will get a more precise shot with the alternate fire mode. Most weapons in Blood 2 have an "alt-fire".

Feeling lost?[edit]

There's an ally nearby that would make a great shortcut to the museum. Might take some exploration to find it, though.

Phone's ringin'...[edit]

Answer the phone by pressing your use key on it. Many objects in Blood 2 can be activated with your use key.


That looks like the ally you need! Seems you'll have to do some skilled jumping to get there.

What is this, the freakin' Olympics?[edit]

The museum lies straight through this passage, but it looks like the City has been thoughtful enough to block your way with dumpsters. This will take some tricky moves...


After the subway crashes, Caleb finds himself on the train tracks near a train platform. Several innocents are scattered around, waiting for the train.

Caleb pursues Gideon up a flight of stairs where they confront each other.

GIDEON: Don't have much luck with trains, do you?
CALEB:You just made your second mistake... you stuck around.
GIDEON: Oh really. What was my first mistake?
CALEB: Letting me live.

Caleb pursues Gideon to the Lafayette Museum of Antiquities.

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons present[edit]

Fun Stuff[edit]

Development shot of level

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