C2L9: The Underground

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The Underground

C2L9: The Underground is the last level in the second chapter of Blood II (map name: 15_crypt).  It resembles an underground crypt or tomb, and contains the first Behemoth

Loading Screen Text[edit]

Level 9: The Underground

Now this is more like it. Feels just like home. Makes one want to lie down and take the long sleep. Being immortal just ain't what it's cracked up to be. Far more effort then one could have expected. At least you get to help others attain what you never can. Even better, you can offer a faster assist than they could ever imagine. That's you always kindness and charitable thoughts. Time to speed their passage. Come out, come out wherever you are... you are about to be, ahem, chosen.


CALEB: Hey, this place should be giving me kickbacks.


After defeating the Behemoth, Ishmael appears in an alcove.

ISHMAEL: You're thinking about Ophelia. How very touching.
CALEB: Oh, I'll do more than that.
ISHMAEL: There is a permanent rift in Gideon's temple. It is a focus for all the damage that is being done. An epicenter, so to speak. You will find Ophelia there.
CALEB: Groovy.
ISHMAEL: Tchernobog's destruction opened many doors between the worlds. They can only be sealed by The One That Binds. That power lies within you. This reality will perish unless you restore it.
CALEB: Let it burn, I never liked this place anyway.
ISHMAEL: There is another reality forcing its way through the rifts, ancient and ravenous. It is neither good nor evil, it merely is, but it will devour us all, hm, yes.

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons present[edit]

  • TBD

Fun Stuff[edit]

  • The Blood II REZ file contains some dialogue that was cut from the final game.
    • CALEB: Ah, a graveyard. So many memories.
    • CALEB: Memories, da da dee, da da da da...
    • CALEB: *sniff, sniff* sure is dead around here.
  • Gideon also had a closing narration that was cut from the final game:
    • GIDEON: We lay on the brink of destruction. And yet we charge forward with nothing on our minds, other than our own petty vendettas. We were doomed. The world was doomed. All that was left was to settle our scores before the end came.
  • Part of this level was recreated as a Q3 BloodBath map.

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