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Marianne Arotzarena

"A seasoned Producer in the video game industry with more than 23 years of experience from pre-production to live operations. Years of experience in creative development managing teams from 5 to 100 people. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Genuine love for games of all kinds and the people who make them."

Marianne Arotzarena Martinon was an associate producer for Blood II: The Chosen under GT Interactive. The Blood II credits list her as a "lead tester torturer". Her other most prominent title at GT was Duke Nukem: Zero Hour. Prior to working for GT Interactive (January 1998 - December 1999; producer), she worked for Mindscape (March 1997 - November 1997; associate producer) and Sega of America (September 1990 - December 1997; associate producer) on mostly platformer titles. She has since worked for Big Vine (January 2000 - September 2001; producer), Crystal Dynamics (February 2003 - December 2005; associate producer), LucasArts (January 2006 - August 2010; producer and production supervisor) working on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (as well as Lucas Film Animation for Star Wars: The Clone Wars; August 2010 - May 2011), Engage In-Game Advertising (December 2011 - February 2013; senior producer), president and co-founder of Janus Games (April 2013 – January 2015), and currently works for IGT as a senior producer since November 2014. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was educated at San Jose State University.

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