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This article is about the fan website, for the episode included in the Plasma Pak, then see the article: Plasma Pak

The Postmortem

Name: The Postmortem

Slogan: The definitive Blood site


Key People: Jarmo "Daedolon" Kylmäaho, Matthew "Daedalus" Kallis, and Dimebog

Created: June 30, 2002 (website), March 28, 2004 (forums)

Host: Edge Network (????-2009)

The Postmortem is a Blood fan website that covered Blood and its Cryptic Passage and Plasma Pak expansions, and also covered Blood II: The Chosen and its expansion The Nightmare Levels. It used to include notes on the story line, items, enemies and other general information about the Blood series, but towards the end of its life only contained incomplete information on certain topics. Currently all that remains active is its forums.

All texts on The Postmortem were non-free and as such no text from there is allowed to be copied to the Blood Wiki, save for fair use quotations. It might have been named after the Blood episode added by the Plasma Pak, or in reference to it being created after the "death" of other Blood communities such as PlanetBlood.

In November of 2009 the website went down for a sustained period of time. On November 21, 2009 website representative Matthew "Daedalus" Kallis commented on the Transfusion Forums that "There is no need to be alarmed, as order has been restored... The main page had some edgenetwork issues and will be unavailable for some time still. Apologies for the system shock, as it was a rather nasty surprise to all of us."

Due to the administration being completely surprised by the server downtime, they were unprepared to put up the content pages on such short notice, but they confirmed they working on getting the site back up. As of May 30, 2011 some of the content had been recreated and the initial content infrastructure work appeared to have been completed, particularly in terms of listing various game statistics. However, the content pages again vanished in 2016. The forum itself vanished briefly in the spring of 2017, and did so again in early 2018 before coming back online during the summer. By Fall 2018 however all the forums return is a "Connection timed out" message.

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