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"Small, stealthy, spider-like creature that attack from behind attaching to the base of the skull, injecting a poison that slowly destroys the victim's nervous system until death occurs. If the poison does not immediately cause death it will cause extreme disorientation."
--Blood II: The Chosen Manual

A Thief is a small spider-like creature with a bulbous purple abdomen in Blood II: The Chosen. They often travel in pairs and can be recognized by the signature clicking noise of their feet. They attack by sneaking up on prey and attaching to the back of the neck where they inject a poison that causes disorientation, imbalance, falling health, and eventually death (much like Spiders in Blood). Their minuscule size makes them difficult to see and target, but Sniper Rifles (at a distance), the Life Leech, Assault Rifle, and Proximity Bombs make excellent alternatives to a frontal assault.