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Time Episode

"This is perhaps the best mappacks I have made for duke nukem3d engined games. The story goes like this: You have killed some innocent people and you have no other way but to jump off the building. After that you'll wake up in hell and escape trough a time portal, make your way back to your own time and kill the evil flying lizard (Maybe it's mr. Satan. Who knows?). Copy the files to your blood1 directory and start the first episode. If you want back the old blood1's first episode just delete these levels from the folder. Does not work with blood1 DEMO!!!"
--Official description

Time Episode is an eight level fan add-on for Blood created by Pyro; files last modified on September 17, 1999.


Time Episode

  • E1M1:
  • E1M2:
  • E1M3:
  • E1M4:
  • E1M5:
  • E1M6:
  • E1M7:
  • E1M8:

The player is a mass murderer who in a fit of remorse leaps off a tall building to end it all, and is sent to hell. From thereon out the player's quest is to escape hell through a time portal and then make it back to your own time. The campaign ends with a fight with a Stone Gargoyle, described as a flying lizard who may or may not be Satan.

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