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The Fact Timeline chronicles the history of Blood, both that of Monolith Productions and the fan community built up by the games.

All of the numbered years (eg: 1997 or 2008) are set in the Common Era (CE).






  • Eric Kohler joins Monolith to work on what was to become Shogo: Mobile Armour Division.
  • Craig Hubbard, eventually to become the company's main designer, joins the company in a number of capacities.
  • Mike Dussault comes on board to work on the Direct Engine.
  • February 17: the date listed on what was later leaked by a computer repair technician as the "Blood Alpha".
  • May: Duke Nukem 3D, the first proper Build engine game, is released by 3D Realms, which showcases many styles later apparent in Blood.
  • June: weekly development updates for Blood appear on the 3D Realms website.
  • July: QStudios moves offices into those set up by Monolith, beginning the merger of the two companies; Matt Saettler becomes Blood project manager, and Craig Hubbard joins as level designer.
  • November: negotiations with GT Interactive begin for publishing Blood, with Rick Raymo as producer; relations with 3D Realms break down. Weekly updates move permanently to only the official Blood website in mid-December.


  • January 2: the development of Blood officially entered the beta stage.
  • January 22: Monolith Productions announces its prior acquisition of QStudios and Blood and split with 3D Realms in favour of GT Interactive.
  • March 4: Cryptic Passage, an authorized third party expansion pack for Blood, is announced by Sunstorm Interactive.
  • March 7: the Blood shareware version is unleashed on the Blood website.
  • May 29: the teaser version of Cryptic Passage is released featuring the level "Lost Monastery".
  • May 31: the retail version of Blood is released in North America, with a European release on June 20.
  • June: the now completed Blood is shown at E3 1997.
  • June 30: Cryptic Passage is published by WizardWorks Software.
  • July 12: the website Ivan's Blood Page was launched; last updated July 21.
  • July 21: the site Steves Blood Cheats and Secrets is closed.
  • October 15: Monolith Productions releases its own Plasma Pak expansion and upgrade for Blood.
  • The "Jesters of Hell", a multiplayer BloodBath clan, was in operation.
  • December 28: the website The Pit of Blood is last updated.



  • January 19: last preserved version of the LithTimes website on the Wayback Machine; with a new post from the previous day suggesting it was still active.
  • February 28: the fan add-on Killing Time for Blood is released by Marc "Elmo" Levesque.
  • June 2: last known news post from the Lithology website, announcing its then relaunch.
  • June 20: CuRe released a map called "Burger Queen", the only available portion of a fan add-on project for Blood entitled Tiny Town.
  • July: producer Matt Saettler departs from Monolith, signalling the end of their publishing efforts.
  • July 19: first posted correspondence pertaining to the Blood Source Campaign and its mission to get the source code to Blood released.
  • August 24: Monolith announces the commencement of a publishing deal with Fox Interactive, finalizing their divorce from Blood rights-holder GT Interactive.
  • August 29: Tren of FX Enhancer retires from Blood II modding.
  • September 17: the last recorded edit to the Time Episode fan add-on for Blood by Pyro.
  • November 5: all that was ever released of Mandatory Suicide, a mod for Blood II, was released.
  • The Plasma Pak is put on the German index of censored games, making it illegal to advertise or sell to minors. However, unlike most games put on the index, it was not confiscated, meaning it was legal to sell to an adult. However, the lack of advertising prompted its disappearance from shelves.






  • Sunstorm Interactive, designer of Cryptic Passage, goes out of business following the release of their Build-related game Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.
  • January: Soon after releasing the first version of Transfusion, the project team begins Transfusion II: Caleb's Awakening with the hope of creating a single-player Blood clone on the Quake II engine. The project falters, mostly due to a lack of coders. Instead work begins on adding a single-player mode to the original Transfusion, which likewise has yet to see completion.
  • July 28: last file edit for Tchernobog in Time by Dwayne Anderson.
  • November 3: a Wolfenstein 3D modification called Halls of Stonehenge is released, featuring heavy amounts of Blood game assets.






  • The Monolith Forums briefly operated as a replacement to older individual forums for the earlier Monolith Productions games.
  • January 12: the Blood Wiki is founded and launched and initial writing ensues.
  • February 1: the final released version of ZBlood is made available by Joseph "Doorhenge" Otey.
  • February: the Blood Music Rearrangement for Orchestra project is completed.
  • March 21: the fan made Screenshot Wallpapers are released by Mikq2.
  • March: the Crudux Cruo fan site stops functioning.
  • March 22 BloodCM is announced on the 3D Realms Forums by Alexander "M210" Makarov under its original "Blood TC" title; work began on January 14th.
  • Spring: Tome of Blood, the largest collection of Blood fan fiction yet written is completed by Hamish Wilson, with assistance from his brothers. He also releases two pieces of fan art as story illustrations, as well as an ASCII Caleb fan art piece. More Tome of Blood stories are written later.
  • May 23: Matthew “Daedalus” Kallis essentially kills off Rage Against the Machine after finding a lack of time to continue mapping.
  • June 23: Matthew “Daedalus” Kallis announces the commencement of work on the eventually cancelled Cradle to Grave total conversion for EDuke32.
  • July 10: all three parts of Duke versus Caleb are uploaded to YouTube by Darkone1349.
  • July 24: the Blood Wiki firsts host the new series of Bloodite Interviews by Hamish Wilson, starting with Eric J. Juneau.
  • August: seeming point of assemblage for the Bludmaps compilation.
  • August 5: Tamás Tóth announces he has begun work on a new version of The Flesh Game fan game as a platform shooter.
  • August 13: Corbin begins work on the video game HYPERTENSION for the Doom-based EDGE engine - TDGMods becomes established.
  • September 16: Eric J. Juneau releases Blood 2: The Unforgiven, by far the longest Blood fan fiction piece ever written.
  • October 31: Blood II: The Chosen turns ten years old, as around the same time did the original LithTech engine.
  • November 19: the Blood Wiki begins to host fan art. The Blood Wiki staff begin to upload art from various Blood fan websites.
  • December: work begins on what eventually becomes French Meat.


















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