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The Blood series is well known for its early use of akimbo dual-wield options for weapons, pre-dating Action Quake 2. The original game featured a power-up called "Guns Akimbo" which would produce two versions of non-dual-handed weapons for a limited amount of time - the Flare Gun, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Tommy Gun and Napalm Launcher - with double the fire-power, but still using twice the ammunition. The Plasma Pak allows the player to akimbo the Tesla Cannon as well. This is expanded upon in Blood II: The Chosen with the option to pick up two copies of multiple guns, most notably the pistol, uzi and sawed-off shotgun. Modifications such as FX Enhancer allows other weapons to be wielded akimbo, such as the Assault Rifle and Tesla Cannon. The fan-made Blood TC uses the Doom II super-shotgun weapon slot to allow for an akimbo sawed-off shotgun; while The Flesh Game sees Caleb wielding dual pistols. Drawings of Caleb wielding two weapons is also common in both official and fan artwork.