Alexander Makarov

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Alexander Makarov
Screamshot of BloodGDX

Name: Alexander Makarov

Alternate Names: M210, AxeleratorM210


Nationality: Russian

Born: December 10, 1987

Programming Languages: Java, CON scripting

Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

Notable Works: BloodCM, BloodGDX

"Welcome to my page. My name is Alexander Makarov aka [M210®]. I was born in Khabarovsk, Russia, on December 10th 1987. Now I live in Moscow, I am in the 3-rd year of the Moscow State University of the Geodesy and Cartography (МИИГАиК). My hobbies are programming and creation of levels for favourite games, like Unreal, Serious Sam, Half-Life etc. This is how I got this idea to make a small site about all my activities in map-building and game modding. Initially, the site covered the legendary Unreal, but after a while I have decided to collect all the stuff I did for games.The site opened in February 11th, 2008 and by this time 4 times has been subject to design processing. Hopefully, the site will progressively improve over time and one day you will find my site useful and pleasant to the eye. Thanks for visiting"Alexander "M210" Makarov

Alexander "[M210]" Makarov is a Russian programmer and level maker largely responsible for both the BloodCM and BloodGDX projects. Currently residing in Moscow, Russia, he was born in Khabarovsk and moved to study geodesy and cartography at Moscow State University. Given that his first language is Russian, he often makes use of Google Translate when communicating in English. He is most prominent on the Russian Blood Community and Duke4 forums, the latter of whom host his projects. Makarov also has a YouTube channel where he usually posts development snapshots from his projects. He is also the author of the Doom and Blood Weapon Mods for Duke Nukem 3D.