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===Version Final===
===Version Final===
*[http://www.gamefront.com/mods/final-alone-in-the-dark-bloodgdx-ready/downloads/final-alone-in-the-dark-bloodgdx-ready BloodGDX Compatible Version]
*[http://www.gamefront.com/mods/final-alone-in-the-dark-bloodgdx-ready/downloads/final-alone-in-the-dark-bloodgdx-ready BloodGDX Compatible Version]
== Weapons Mod ==
[[File:Weapons-Mod.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Revolver from ''[[:wikipedia:Powerslave|Powerslave]]'']]
[[File:Weapons-Mod-2.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Original [[Napalm Launcher]] from the ''[[Blood Alpha]]'']]
{{#ev:youtube|ks5xbFpXaDI|320|right|Blood Weapons Mod Trailer on YouTube|frame}}
{{quote|quotation="Just like the name states, it's a modification for Blood which allows using custom weapons. From revolvers to new bloody shotguns! Of course since Blood's modding is limited, the mod only allows replacing current weapons, but aren't you bored playing the same weapons for years? Maybe you want to play fun mode by installing Triple DZ or maybe Hardcore mode by choosing PowerSlaver revolver? The choice is yours! DosBox is recommended to play this mod, but BloodGDX supports this mod too, since GDX uses BLOOD.RFF and SOUND.RFF. Sadly, some hacks will not work since GDX does not use Blood.exe. Nevertheless it's possible to use custom weapons too."|attributedTo=NoOne}}
The Weapons Mod mostly [[List of Mods for Blood#Weapon Mods|replaces weapons]] with their ''[[Blood Alpha]]'' versions, save for the [[Tommy Gun]] which gets replaced with the Riot Shotgun from ''[[:wikipedia:Shadow Warrior (1997 video game)|Shadow Warrior]]'' and the inclusion of the twin pistols from ''[[:wikipedia:PowerSlave|PowerSlave]]'' (''Exhumed'') over the [[Tommy Gun]]. It was released on [[Fact Timeline#2012|November 17, 2012]], and features an [[:wikipedia:Batch file|batch file]] to allow for the installation of each particular weapon (noting that the alpha and riot shotguns are mutually exclusive). It was packaged with ''Final Alone in the Dark''.
The mod was later reissued as a version 1.2. It changed the double revolver into a single revolver, as well as other slight tweaks to their characteristics. Version 1.3 added tweaks to the [[Life Leech]]. A version 2.0 was later released on [[Fact Timeline#2016|September 16, 2016]] that brought the roster up to 12. Version 3.0 was released on [[Fact Timeline#2017|September 6, 2017]], with assistance by Dzierzan, bringing the roster up to 18. All versions were made by NoOne (aka Dimon), and a version is included with the ''New Alone in the Dark'' modification, as well as the semi-official [[Bloody Pulp Fiction#1.3|version 1.3]] of ''[[Bloody Pulp Fiction]]''. It presently has limited compatibility with [[BloodGDX]].
* Silver [[pitchfork]]s (Does more hits and damage).
* Retail [[Sawed-Off Shotgun|sawed-off]] with new animation.
* "Holy Death" double sawed-offs (New sawed off, always akimbo).
* [[Life Leech]] (Type 2) (Better fire balance).
* [[Napalm Launcher]] from Alpha.
* Sawed-off from Alpha (changed characteristics).
* [[Beast]] [[Development of Blood#Bloodlust|Claws]] from Alpha (changed characteristics).
* Riot Shotgun from Shadow Warrior (changed characteristics).
* [[Aerosol Can|Aerosol]] from Alpha.
* [[Dynamite]] (Bundle, Proximity and Remote) from Alpha.
* Revolver from Power Slave (changed characteristics).
* Life Leech (Type 1) (changed characteristics, faster and more balanced).
* Axe
* Wrath Heart (Shadow Warrior beta and retail mix)
* Lupara (single- barrelled sawed-off)
* Colt MI12
* Tesla Coil
In addition, the mod packs in these extra features:
* renaming vanilla weapons and items for weapons you installed,
* DSCA system which allows you to know which characteristics of certain weapon were changed (See more information in GetInfo option),
* all-new, much faster, way to install selected weapons,
* presets manager that allows to load and save selected weapons,
* compatibility with every addon even with custom content,
* most of old weapons significantly reworked,
* BMOUSE support,
* extended configuration of main BAT file.
'''Main:''' [http://www.moddb.com/mods/blood-weapons-mod Weapons Mod on ModDB]
'''The Bloody Repo:''' [http://cruo.bloodgame.ru/?section=weapons&rid=19192 Version 1.0], [http://cruo.bloodgame.ru/?section=weapons&rid=16844 Version 1.1 (re-scripted)], [http://cruo.bloodgame.ru/?section=weapons&rid=513351 Version 1.2],  [http://cruo.bloodgame.ru/?section=weapons&rid=323470 Version 1.3], [http://cruo.bloodgame.ru/?section=weapons&rid=62457 Version 2.0]
'''Mirrors:''' [http://www.blood.freeminded.de/index.php?section=misc&id=425 1.0 on Blood.Freeminded.De], [http://www.blood.freeminded.de/index.php?section=misc&id=444 1.2 on on Blood.Freeminded.De], [http://www.moddb.com/games/blood/addons/weapon-mod-v12 1.2 on Mod DB], [http://www.r-t-c-m.com/knowledge-base/downloads-rtcm/blood-addons/weapon_mod_1.3.zip Version 1.3 on RTCM]
'''Threads:''' [http://forums.transfusion-game.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2490 Transfusion Forums] ([http://forums.transfusion-game.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2794 version 3.0]), [http://www.the-postmortem.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1184 Postmortem Forums] ([http://www.the-postmortem.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2453 version 3.0]), [https://forums.duke4.net/topic/9560-weapons-mod-30/ Duke4 Forums], [https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=60457&p=1052736 Dzierzan's Workshop - ZDoom Forums]
==Voxel Pack==
==Voxel Pack==

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"After one and a half years of work we are ready to officially introduce you this addon. For a long time we've been thinking of how to preserve the atmosphere of this game loved by all of us, but at the same time to extend the existing limits, bring up new gameplay and experience. This time we've gone far beyond simple fan map-making and are going to prove to you that Blood is not this hopeless even without source code. From the beginning BAITD was aimed at expanding gameplay, it can't be limited by common gameplay borders, so here you're going to see a lot of new features. This is new BAITD, so don't compare it to the previous versions and, more importantly, to other people's addons."--NoOne aka Diman

Alone in the Dark is a Blood modification that has been released in several iterations between 2006 and 2016, first as a trilogy, and then "new" and "final" versions. Inspired by the mansion in the influential survival horror computer game of the same name, the maps are also known for their heavy amount of new artwork, voxels and assets modifications; including the packaging in of the the author's Weapons Mod and Voxel Pack.


"Blood - The New Alone In The Dark Episode" (Sunny) - YouTube

"Updated BAITD series returns to say 'goodbye'! This final compilation of BAITD series let you play (almost) all parts of mod. BAITD is pure experimental mod that show to users new ways to mod the game and dedicated to original Alone In The Dark game series. Since 2006 year author(s) trying to expand gameplay and push the limits of Build Engine. It was first mod with new voxel models, weapons, non-linearity and monster experiments."--NoOne aka Diman

Version 1

Version 2

Also included as the secret level in "Welcome to Deadland", the second part of the second episode of Bloody Pulp Fiction (2009).

Version 3

Version New

Version Final

Voxel Pack

Voxel Pack

"Voxel pack from 89 high-quality models which can be installed on any user addition. All sprites corresponding to models are in file TILES018.ART and it also should be delivered together with your addition. Visual samples of models you can consider in mapfile VOXEL.MAP, and ID - in script MODELS.RFS"--Official description

A pack by NoOne (aka Diman) which provides 89 new voxels for the game, which are used in the Alone in the Dark maps (including in Bloody Pulp Fiction).

Link: The Bloody Repo, RTCM, ModDB, Transfusion Forums, Postmortem Forums

By the Same Author

Fantasised portrait

"Noone worked as a trainer for the Cabal in fact he was the master trainer of hundreds of Fanatics. The facility he ran was a gigantic underground base hidden deep from prying eyes, it was large enough to support over a thousand residents and it’s corridors and rooms stretched for miles. When the dark revenge of Caleb came burning it’s was through the Cabal the Facility was fully manned and in lock down for its own protection. Unfortunately the massive power plant on the surface that ran the base was less well hidden and on his was to put Cerberus down Caleb destroyed it, plunging the base into darkness. With no power and few functioning batteries all systems quickly failed, lights, doors, air, water. Those that were trapped would have to wait for rescue. But with the chaos during the aftermath of Caleb the secret location of the base was lost and with so few surviving members of the Cabal it was likely to stay that way. It was a full year before the remnants of the shattered Cabal were strong enough to start collecting information about their previous infrastructure, and eventually they cleared the collapsed tunnel to the base. The massive doors were still sealed shut and it took days of work to cut them open, finally the doors slid open and the Cultist workers stared uneasily into the deep darkness. Only one man walked out of that abyss and quickly there after it was resealed and forgotten. It was never fully understood just how he’d managed to survive down there but when the tale was told thereafter they would say ‘Noone survived’ and the nick name stuck. NoOne left the Cabal remnants soon after his escape and now designs and sells weapons and machines of war to anyone who’ll buy. He’s cold unpredictable and fiercely intelligent and loves nothing more than to be Alone in the Dark."--Joke biography

In addition to the BAITD series, NoOne has also been involved in other projects, including Bloody Pulp Fiction (2009).

The Way of All Flesh-Again

Add-on that changes the levels in The Way of All Flesh without changing the story, it was created by Diman (aka NoOne) of Alone in the Dark.


Features textures from F.E.A.R., Kingpin, Redneck Rampage, Witchaven/Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, NAM, World War II GI, William Shatner's TekWar, Manhunt, and others.

Links: Russian project page, RTCM (re-scripted by BME), Postmortem thread

Cradle to Grave NEW BLD EDITION

  • e1m1a
  • e1m1b
  • e1m1c
  • e1m1d
  • e1m2a

Link: RTCM

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