Bloated Butcher

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Bloated Butcher


Bloated Butcher

Game Apperances: Blood
Affiliation: Cabal

Difficulty Stats:

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 308
Pink on the Inside 436
Lightly Broiled 630
Well Done 850
Extra Crispy 1090

"Sure, they're bloated, rotting corpses that lurch around like drunks, but don't let that lull you near them. The cleavers they carry have taught some bitter lessons to careless adversaries. You're best bet is to air them out with a sawed-off shotgun at point blank range--assuming you've got the huevos to get that close to them!"Blood Beastiary

Bloated Butchers, Puke Zombies or Fat Zombies are an enemy from Blood. They are considered a tougher form of Axe Zombie.

Bloated Butchers are tall, obese forms of the undead, and wear a stained undershirt and pants. Their appearance was inspired by Uncle Rege from the Night of the Living Dead remake. They wield meat cleavers, which can be used at close range or thrown at long distance (thrown cleavers, oddly, deal spirit damage), and also attack from medium range by vomiting corrosive green gobs of puke at the player. They are slower than Axe Zombies but can take much more damage. However, they do not return after collapsing and cannot be decapitated.

Bloated Butchers are one of the only two enemies (the other being their "smaller" cousins, the Axe Zombies) to have a unique death animation caused by dark magic attacks (such as the Voodoo Doll): the Butcher's flesh splits open vertically and falls to the sides, showing his skeleton, which soon drops to the ground.

Because of their slow melee attack, Bloated Butchers can be killed by Pitchfork without losing any HP. It's also worth noting that their vomit always travels in a straight line, allowing one to merely duck to avoid getting hit. It is in any case a quite challenging task.

They say "Join us.", just like the evil spirits from Evil Dead.

"Slower and more deliberate than their axe-wielding comrades, are much tougher to kill. You'll have to dish out a lot of abuse before they go down. Beware of the foul goo they vomit at you, for it is both corrosive and unpleasant smelling. "Blood Manual

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