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Introduction (By Tchernobog)

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This has been a year of long sought after recognition for the Blood community. After years of waiting the franchise will finally have its first new official instalment in the form of the upcoming Blood remaster by NightDive Studios, which Atari has at long last found within its grace to bless with their backing. Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal's effort is far from the first attempt to remaster the game, with Alexander "M210" Makarov's BloodGDX among many other fan made projects having already born some fruit, but it is the first to be able to operate within the limelight of full commercial recognition, even if access to the Blood source code still remains as largely elusive as ever. By giving the project their blessing Atari has also revealed that the rights situation may in fact be even murkier than previously thought, but we are now at least going to have a new Blood release emerge from the swamp in spite of it.

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The Blood Wiki also received acknowledgement in a very different way this past year. A couple of months back I got an email from Mark Jessup, the marketing manager over at Monolith Productions. As part of their Shogo 20th Anniversary live-stream in September, part of a wider celebration of the game's birthday shared on the company's Facebook page, they were giving out signed concept art. What we did not know then was that they had also apparently reserved some pieces for us over at the Blood Wiki to show their appreciation for our work. Earlier I had taken one of the previously unseen concept art pieces, that of "the Shogo family ... in quieter times", and given it a vectored make over. Thanks to Mark as well as the concept art's creator Matt Allen, I now have the original freshly signed art framed and hanging on my wall.

They even included a collection of concept logo sketches alongside the main piece that I am still meaning to scan and share whenever I can find the will to get around to it. As part of his last missive to us, Mark was also kind of enough to say that if there was anything he could do for both the Blood and Shogo communities, all we had to do was ask. "Outside of making a sequel, of course. That’s unfortunately not going to happen." Given how many requests he has had to field from those wanting a new Blood, or a new Shogo, No One Lives Forever, or even Claw, I can not say that I blame him for his need to stress that part. Who knows who can even authorize such a venture now, with even Atari demurring on owning the full legal rights to the game's intellectual property at present. It is still a lovely dream though, and one the Blood Wiki is more than happy to help keep alive. Tchernobog (talk) 15:44, 12 January 2019 (GMT)

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