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Introduction (By Tchernobog)[edit]

Pro Blood

Another year, another battlefield. With the conflict against the spam bots becoming calmer here, I have gotten myself deputized by Willis our generous host and benefactor to wage war against a new threat on the Transfusion Forums. It seems every day there is another encroachment on our territory, with one particular wave creating forty pages of mostly dubious dating and porn links.

While I write this another battle is raging, this time over which Blood port is going to be king of them all. Despite its official backing and recognition Blood: Fresh Supply stumbled badly coming out of the gate, leaving the field wide open for challengers. The venerable BloodGDX has now merged into a wider effort called BuildGDX with full source code access and a classic renderer available now to boot. Not to be underestimated is NBlood, which despite only being released within the past year has already built up a substantial following. With talk of a new EDuke32 release featuring all of the improvements Voidpoint implemented for Ion Fury as well as merging in projects like NBlood to basically make one super engine for all Build engine games, this could very well become the best way to play everything under the sun as far as we are concerned. Night Dive Studios has yet to wave the white flag yet however, and vows that work on their release will continue.

For me personally though the most enjoyable part of the year has been discovering Civvie 11, who himself has quickly become the king of retro shooter coverage on YouTube. When the dusts settles and I can settle on which port to play on I will try my own hand at Pro Blood, although we shall see if my attempt will be anywhere near as valiant as his. Onwards soldiers. Tchernobog (talk) 14:28, 12 January 2020 (EST)

Introduction (By Gideon)[edit]

Right up close...

This year was shaping up to be a big one for Blood, and I have to say it did not disappoint. NBlood finally fulfilled the dream of a modern port with full source code access, meaning updates to whatever systems are to come in the next 20, 50, 100 years seem pretty much set for our beloved game. BloodGDX soon caught up on this front, meaning we have choices going forward. Despite all the excitement, the release of Fresh Supply was rather underwhelming to most hardcore Blood fans, but was more than enough to attract the interest of casuals and the mainstream press. Its lack of cross-platform support as of this writing, as well as its heavy hardware requirements, have stopped me from taking the plunge myself, but I at least hope that Kaiser is able to eventually get the go ahead from Atari to patch it up for Linux and fix some of the points of divergence from Build - if only to try out VGames' new Fresh Supply modification. As it stands I am more in the NBlood camp, though with every intent to toy around in BuildGDX from time to time (hoping to try a playthrough of Duke Nukem 3D in the near future).

While the constraints of support contracts have largely cooled any official ardour, the Blood community as always has kept the fires burning. This year, for the first time in a fair while, we got not one, not two, but three new campaigns for the game: Out for Blood, The Way of Ira and the much anticipated French Meat 2. The original French Meat is my favourite custom fan add-on for the game, and the quite novel tropical setting of this new instalment makes for a remarkable change of pace. I still had some time for the classics however, working on articles for Killing Time, Time Episode and Hostile Takeover (still to be finished), as well as digging into the Game Leader archives. All of this port excitement has also brought back some of the great old ones, with revivals for BloodLines and Bloody Pulp Fiction in the works, alongside continued improvements for Death Wish. I have also dipped a toe in the Doom engine scene for Blood, taking a look at ZBloody Hell, Blood: The Curse Hunter and Bloom in the past year.

The Postmortem has finally achieved a much needed infrastructural makeover, preserving well over a decade of legacy content, while its would-be successor Altar of Stone offers up a new hunting ground. I was sadly not able to partake, but was pleased to see another stab at the Halloween Bloodbath over on the Transfusion Forums. I will admit that I am a little saddened that despite the notoriety of Fresh Supply, and the eager following of Civvie 11 (good a place as any to note that I have finally started spinning YouTube channels into their own articles), that we have not had that much new recruits into the established community, but at the very least there seems to be plenty of people invested in the games and at over twenty years that is nothing to shake a boomstick at. The intensity of our bloodlust shall never fade. Gideon (talk) 21:19, 12 January 2020 (EST)

P.S. Still having trouble with my login, but I am still chocking up over 1500 registered edits this year, so whatever...


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