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As of April 3, 2011, the move to the new server is now complete, and barring any remaining errors the wiki should now be fully ready for contributors. Thanks to the work of our generous benefactor William Weilep and the rest of the Blood Wiki staff, we are now safe and sound on our new host. The Blood Wiki is proud to now be a part of the DeathMask family. Although we have done our best to make this move as smooth as possible, there are still a few things which should be kept in mind during this continuing period of transition:

  • User accounts were not able to be moved, so you will have to recreate them. Your user contributions will not be affected.
  • We could only import user pages if they were linked somewhere publicly. As such, some pages may not have been moved.
  • Some of the images and image descriptions were not able to be imported properly. We have spent the past week fixing most of these errors, but some problems may still remain.
  • The wiki statistics are different than they were on the old host. This is not due to any loss of content, but rather by improved statistics gathering in newer MediaWiki engines.
  • We will be keeping the original copy of the wiki on the old host for as long as possible. It will serve as a redirect and can still be accessed if any data may still need to be copied over.

If you encounter any problems or need any kind of assistance, do not hesitate to contact either me User:Tchernobog or User:Gideon. It is recommended that any problems be redirected to us rather than users trying to take the initiative and fix them themselves. Now that we have more freedom over our wiki, we may also try experimenting with new themes or looks, as well as new initiatives to curb the threat of spam bots.

It should also be noted that the drive to import descriptions which needed to be done manually has also had the effect of leading to improvements to said descriptions and to a new image categorization drive. The future looks bright for the wiki, and with the wiki now under safer hands we can sleep easier. We appreciate your patience and support during and before the move.

Thank you,
The Blood Wiki Administrators