C1L10: Hard Hat Area

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C1L10: Hard Hat Area is the tenth level in the game Blood II: The Chosen (map name: 02_cityhubb). It is structured like an urban area under construction.

Loading Screen Text[edit]

Level 10: Hard Hat Area

Well, that was fun... Gideon wasn't on board, sadly... but you now have a solid idea as to his whereabouts: the cathedral! That's what the sign out front said anyhow, 'OCT. 30, GIDEON DOES HIS DISSERTATION ON THE RITUAL CRIME OF SIN AND HOW TO GET AWAY WITH IT. GET HERE EARLY AND YOU'LL HEAR HIS MINOR SYMPOSIUM ON A VALVE'S INCREDIBLY ONEROUS HALF-LIFE!' He's not the type to disappoint his fans, so get over there and let him know you're in his audience.


"Use the box to jump over the fence. Continue along until you get to a large open space with an open sewer entrance in the center of it. Look down, and carefully jump down to the next lower level--not the ground level. Side Trip: If you accidentally fell all the way down to ground level, use the beam to get back up. Follow the ledge around, and you'll find a gap over on the left side. In this new area, you'll see a building with caution signs on it. If you're feeling really brave, you blow it up, and grab the Bug Spray Canister you'll find in the rubble, but I recommend against doing so. Instead, follw the ledge around and jump into the hole in the side of the building. Collect your goodies, and make your back to the sewer entrance in the first area. Jump down to ground level, and into the sewer. Be extremely careful, there are lots of Bone Leaches in here. Make your way through the tunnel, and you'll find yourself in extremely familiar territory. Standard drill. Get out, get the Remotes out of the dumpster to the right of the Laundromat entrance. Jump back into the sewer, follow it to the next area. Use the over-turned dumpster to get over the fence. Follow the alley to the fire escape. Climb up to the second story (the third story has a Life Seed), jump over the fence to the dilapidated playground. On the left side of the playground, you can climb up a garbage slope to get into an alley. Follow it around, and use the box to jump over the fence. Smash the boxes on the other side, enter the hole. Follow the passage along, jump the gap in the stairs, and enter the doorway to end the level."--Baytor's Guide

Caleb lands on the roof of a building and discards his parachute. He travels through a construction area, passing through areas he has already contacted with in Pickman St. Station, and jumps into a large hole, accessing the tunnels leading to the cathedral.

Enemies Present[edit]


Weapons present[edit]


Fun Stuff[edit]

  • The loading text mentions "the ritual crime of sin", and a "valve's incredibly onerous half-life". This refers to two of Blood II's contemporaries - Sin (developed by Ritual Entertainment) and Half-Life (developed by Valve Software).
  • The Blood II REZ file contains some dialogue that was cut from the final game.
    • CULTIST: Hey, you hear about those rifts or tears opening up all over the city. What's up with that?
    • CULTIST: Hell, yeah, I almost stepped into one this morning. Some kind of weird-ass creature just jumped right out of it, scared the crap out of me.
    • CULTIST: Damn, well, what'd you do?
    • CULTIST: Me? What do you think? I blew it away, baby.
    • CULTIST: Really?
    • CULTIST: Yeah, you don't have anything to worry about, cause I'm a badass.
    • CULTIST: A dumbass, maybe.

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