C1L8: CAS Revenant

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Cabalco Industries Model 1701D Airship

C1L8: CAS Revenant is the eighth level in the game Blood II: The Chosen (map name: 06_airship1). It is structured like a futuristic VTOL aircraft, modified as a hybrid warship/passenger vehicle.

Loading Screen Text[edit]

Level 8: CAS Revenant

The Cabalco Industries Model 1701D Airship is one of the finest, and certainly, most versatile, flying vessels ever to grace our soiled-skies. Versatility is the key word here, as our airship can be used simultaneously for both connoisseur-class business travel and military purposes. Why bother to make two trips? Carpet-bomb that nasty Third-World country, while keeping your most important clients flying in style! Beneath its armored exterior the Cabalco Airship truly has a heart of gold. Spacious seating, relaxing cabins, well-armed stewardesses, and the best nuts in the sky! Fly Cabalco. Fly in style.


"Enter into the airship on the right side. Walk along until you find two consoles. Activate them both, and head back outside. This time, enter the airship on the left side. Follow the passage along, and jump down when you get to the room with the ladder. Go through the door. Side Trip: After going through the door, you'll see a gap in the railing to your left. It's a ladder, so use it to climb down. Walk to to where the crates are, and jump to the other side of the large crate. Smash the small wooden crate to get your grubby little hands on a Life Seed. Retrace your steps back up the ladder. Go through the other door, and make your way to the left side of this room. Go through the automatic doors, across the ledge, and through the other set of doors. To your left, you'll find a ladder (you can turn the force field off with the console if you like--not necessary). Climb up the ladder, and make your way through the corridor past the automatic doors. Side Trip: If you'd like a few goodies, don't go through the doors in front of you, yet. Instead, jump up on the sloped surface just to the right of the doors, and make your way to the other catwalk. Enter the doors on your right (not the door next to the sloped surface), and follow the passage to a storehouse. Smash the crates to get you some goodies. Retrace your steps back outside, and enter either set of doors next to the sloped surface to end the level."--Baytor's Guide

Caleb starts on a propeller wing, outside the aircraft. He travels along the surface until the finds a door to the cargo container.

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