C3L4: Cabalco Enterprises

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CabalCo Enterprises

C3L4: Cabalco Enterprises is the twenty-fourth level in the game Blood II: The Chosen, and the fourth level of the third chapter (map name: 19_lobby). Caleb enters the lobby of the Cabalco office building, but has to cut the power in order to proceed to the roof.

Loading Screen Text[edit]

Level 4: Cabalco Enterprises

Welcome to Checkpoint Gnarly. Ha. The security around here looks a little overly... fanatical. There's got to be an alternate entrance to the Cabalco HQ. In the meantime, it might be wise to do a bit of cleansing, and take down some unworthy opponents. Sometimes you have to make a bit of a mess to get a place clean. You're just glad that you don't have to get those gray-matter stains off of the walls. Those have to be a serious drag when they've had time to dry. Time to make your own 'unlimited-access' pass.



Enemies Present[edit]

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Fun Stuff[edit]

See also: References in Blood

  • When entering the offices Caleb says: "good morning, and in case I don't see you again, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight." This is taken from The Truman Show.
  • After encountering a broken down elevator, Caleb remarks "I'm no mechanic. I just mostly hurt people." This is taken from Alien: Resurrection.
  • The Brogo web comic strip contained a reference to a Caleb quip from this level, it was created to celebrate Blood II's tenth anniversary.
  • In the Piga Software game Windys the Boss Level's starting text reads "That's him! That's the man you're looking for!" a reference to what Caleb says after finding a portrait to Gideon on this level.

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