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"Caleb defeated the Dreaming God Tchernobog in the Hall of Epiphany, inadvertently claiming the ability to bind dimensions as his own. Tchernobog's body was sent to The Void, but his power was vast - its flame not so easily extinguished. In his ruin Tchernobog revealed as special ability, just as Caleb had when Tchernobog cast him down. He could cheat death. Below a distant stygian tower, the Dreaming God hid his festering heart, the last remnant of his human form. When his body perished in the Hall, the heart began beating - the Demon was reborn! He removed the evil talisman that secured his immortality and placed it once again in the depths of the tower. With the task of binding dimensions lifted, Tchernobog's power grew. Seasons passed. Tchernobog realized he would never taste his full potential without drawing his divine form back from The Void. As the new binder of dimensions, Caleb would surely sense Tchernobog's efforts. The demon arranged a diversion."--Opening cutscene

Home Sweet Home (DWE1M1) is the first level of the first episode of the add-on Death Wish, considerably known as episode 7 . It is set in the mines and newly opened dimensional planes, .

Level Designer: Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley

Song Track: 5 - Infuscomus (CD-Audio), cblood7 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 39
Pink on the Inside 38
Lightly Broiled 38
Well Done 50
Extra Crispy 56
Number of Secrets
5 + 1 Super Secret


"Blood: Death Wish 1.4 - E1M1 Home Sweet Home - All Secrets - UHD 4K" (pagb666) - YouTube

"Go around the house's interior collecting all the ammo, including behind the house to get more explosives. When you approach the front gate, a cart with monsters in tow will arrive. Follow the direction from which the cart arrived and cross the bridge. You will come to another longer bridge. If you want some more Shotgun ammo early you can run across and grab it (you will be returning there once you have the Spider Key). To continue, ignore the long bridge and go through the dark cave. Continue into the lit areas of the cave until you reach an elevator. REQUIRED FOR SUPER-SECRET: If you destroy the wall in the lit cave area before reaching the elevator, you can find a hidden Moon Key out on the ledge. Once at the bottom of the elevator, continue forward until you get the Spider Key. Be careful of the Zombies hiding in the darkened areas down there. Once you have the Key you will want to backtrack completely out of the cave areas to the original long bridge. Head across the long bridge and grab the Shotgun ammo if you did not earlier. Open the door. Ahead you will fall through the false floor and land in the blood river. What a nasty trick! There are many Gill Beasts here, but if you have skill to take them out without getting seriously wounded, you will find that several of them will drop health and are worth killing. If you are not good against Gill Beasts get out of the water quickly and jump across the pond using the platforms as much as you can. Go through the portal next and kill some Cultists after going to the other side. Make sure to grab the Tesla Cannons the Zealots drop since you will need it for the next battle. Enter the area with your destroyed home and defeat the monsters that appear, using the Tesla Cannon on the Stone Gargoyle. Grab the Key that appears at the top of the house when the Stone Gargoyle dies. Go back where you came from to find that some Zombies have appeared out of the 2nd portal (not the one leading to the blood river). Enter this portal and use your Key to open the door. Hop into the blood pool to get the Eye Key. Open the gate with your Key and head outside to the final area, then push the symbol to end the level."--Bloatoid's Guide

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]


  • Before crossing the first bridge, crouch under the bridge. Reward: Basic Armor
  • On the opposite side of the bloody underwater area to the right lies a small cave, swim into there. Reward: Body Armor
  • On the left of the Spider door go up the mountain cliff Reward: Life Seed
  • Push the right mounted stone faces in the hallway at the 2nd portal (not the one leading to the blood river), a niche will open up Reward: Basic Armor, Spray Can
  • Walk alongside the flaming cart that greeted you at the beginning of the mission. Reward: Box of Flares
  • SUPER-SECRET: Under the blood water use your Moon Key to get into the Moon door and then pass through the teleporter. Reward: Life Seed, Napalm Launcher, Diving Suit, Jump Boots

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