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Firebelly (DWE1M3) is the third level of the first episode of the add-on Death Wish, considerably known as episode 7. It resembles a cold icy exterior proves to be illusory, and a cultist-spectated arena showdown. This level also contains access to the secret level, DWE1M9: Spooky World

Level Designer: Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley

Song Track: 3 - Unholy Voices (CD-Audio), UNHOLY (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 76
Pink on the Inside 76
Lightly Broiled 76
Well Done 111
Extra Crispy 111
Number of Secrets


"Blood: Death Wish 1.4 - E1M3 Firebelly - All Secrets - UHD 4K" (pagb666) - YouTube

"Move through the tunnel and go outside. Go down the walkway alongside the water until you reach the next tunnel. Move forward until the Hell Hound sees you, then drop some Proximity Mines to weaken it before you start firing shells or bullets. Continue with a long-range weapon in hand to fight the enemies on the far side of the bridge. Watch out for the Cultist to the right hiding behind the guard tower. Head up the dark passage to the house. The right side of the house has some ammo in a box you will want to grab. On the far side of the house is a stone pillar that requires the Fire Key. Ignore it for now, and head to the roof for the Skull Key. Get the Key and head inside the house. A Cultist is hiding in there so be careful. Open the basement door, go down the steps, and hop in the water. Once you emerge from the water you will find that you have been transported to another dimension. The lava will kill you instantly so watch where you jump. Before you get to the Fire Key there is a small rock tunnel you must go through. Go through it and look left as soon as you move to the next platform you should be able to see a partially hidden area with a tiny stepping stone leading to it. Make your way to the hidden area and grab the Moon Key, which you will need to get to the secret level. Get the Asbestos Armor, too, so you can run through the lava unharmed. As you move along you will see the Fire Key on your right atop the elevated platform. Jump up to grab it, then immediately continue ahead or duck down in the nearby boat to avoid the fireballs. Keep going to the end and you will be able to see the portal back to the original house behind a barrier. There is a Hell Hound hiding around the corner. The Return Portal's barrier requires the Dagger key. Head into the Lava Temple behind the barrier. The doors to the left lead back outside where a blue light orbits a glowing orb. Follow the path of the orbiting light, which is following an invisible path that you can walk across (use 2D map mode here to make it easier). Take the Spider key and go back to the Lava Temple lobby. Go through the other set of doors and blow up the nearby wall. Enter through the hole and continue along the path until you eventually reach the Dagger Key. After adding it to your collection go back to the Dagger Key barrier and move though the Return Portal behind it, which will take you back to the icy house. Go to the stone pillar behind the house and use your Fire Key. Cross the platforms that rise and continue into the gated arena building. Go through the door on the right. Some Cultists are waiting for you in the middle of the next hallway, so come around the corner with your gun blazing or throw some explosives ahead of you. Continue down the hall and into the arena. If you have a Life Leech you may want to use its alternate fire here to help thin the crowd. Save your Shotgun ammo for the Spiders, as they will not take much damage from TNT. This is a great place to use spare Proximity Mines if you normally cannot find a use for them. When you have killed enough the spectators will explode revealing the symbol to end the level. Across from it is a gate you can open with the Moon Key. Behind it, a Key 7 door leads to the secret level"--Bloatoid's Guide

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]


  • Before going inside the tunnel, look right and you will see some concrete slants jutting out from the wall at the water area. Use them as stepping stones to reach a niche in the rock wall (you can either use Jump Boots if you're not careful, but you have to grab it at the first level) Reward: Napalm Launcher, Medicine Pouch
  • Head up into the guard tower that resembles from the previous level Reward: Cloak of Invisibility
  • While in the basement water, press on the wall with the bloody hand print. A niche will open behind you Reward: Life Leech, Trapped Soul
  • Behind the doorway structure in the lava area, there is small ledge you can jump up to, then follow the ledge Reward: Fire Armour, Life Essence
  • Inside the gated arena building, after going through the door on the right, there is a weapon training area with two Zombies on the right side. Jump onto the walls enclosing the area which is on the left, then swim underwater and surface in the middle of the water (watch out for Gill Beasts) Reward: Life Seed, Key 7

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