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Jigsaw (DWE1M5) is the fifth level of the first episode of the add-on Death Wish. This level resembles the cave-like area and the hidden dark church. In version 1.4 it also contain access to the secret level DWE1M11: Shudder Island

Level Designer: Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley

Song Track: 7 - Waiting for the End (CD-Audio), cblood2 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 124'
Pink on the Inside 124'
Lightly Broiled 138'
Well Done 138'
Extra Crispy 147'
Number of Secrets


"Blood: Death Wish 1.4 - E1M5 Jigsaw - All Secrets - UHD 4K" (pagb666) - YouTube

"Go to the door where Tchernobog exited and open it with a Shotgun in hand. A Phantasm will burst out, and you will want to kill it as it will be a big nuisance. Continue through the door and go right to another door. Head down the hallway and hit the switch at the end, which will fill up the toilet on the other side of the wall. Go to the toilet and grab the Skull Key. You will hear a shattering noise, which is a compartment on the white wall of the main area breaking open revealing several Choking Hands. Kill the Choking Hands and hit the switch near the bathtub. The bathtub will fill with blood, which will drain the vat of blood located on the opposite side of the wall. Go to the vat and hop down. Crawl through the passage and hit the switch. The white wall where the Choking Hands appeared will now start moving backward, opening up a new area. Go to the new area and grab the Key behind the white wall. Head to the safe, open it, grab the final Key for the area, and exit through the big metal door. Go outside and head around to the back of the building. You will come to a set of stairs leading to a control room. Use an explosive to clear the control room of a hiding Fanatic and hit the switch inside. Look out the window and you will see a door opening. There are some TNT barrels down there that will kill most of the enemies, so you may want to try firing some explosives down there. Head through the new opening until you reach the bomb room. You will need to hit all 4 switches and grab the Fire Key to escape before time runs out. When time dissipates the bomb will explode, killing anything in the room (the explosions will go no further than the room). If you damage the bomb by accident it will go off immediately so aim carefully when fighting. Move forward and kill the Gill Beast to your right. When you approach the bridge Tchernobog will destroy it with explosions, so do not try to run across. Go down the passage whence the Gill Beast came until you come to the open waterfall area. Continue up the earthen stairway until you reach the area with some spiderwebs. There is a small hole on the right with some ammo inside. You may move through the passage and jump over to where Tchernobog was standing earlier. If the bridge has not blown up yet it will when you get close, so watch out. Move past the eye door to the big spiderweb. Near the big spiderweb there is a hole containing several Spiders and a Guns Akimbo with Shotgun ammo. You can grab this at any time since this area of the mission is always available from this point, but you may want to do it now. Head around the curve and jump into the Spider nest. When you grab the Spider Key at the end, Spiders will appear to defend the nest, including a Mother Spider who will make more. If you still have Guns Akimbo, try using alternate fire Shotgun blasts to knock the Mother Spider off a ledge to her doom. You do not have to kill any of them, so if you are low on ammo and high on health try running through them. Return to the Eye Door and kill the 2 Cultists standing right behind it. Enter the door straight ahead and grab the Flares located outside. If you go right instead you'll find a caved-in section with a single Zombie that drops a Life Essence. The final door leads to the next key. The dangling body will burst with Spiders if you get close, so blow it up beforehand. Grab the Dagger Key at the end of the passage and leave the Eye Door area. Go to the left of the wall where the Spider nest is located. You need to raise the platform so you can cross. If you ride the platform back down you will see a walkway leading to the secret level. You'll need Key 7 to reach it. If you want to go back just use a switch a by the moving platform to get yourself back to the Dagger Door. Once through the Dagger Door you can head right to continue to the next mission. If you want Super Armor (and a challenge), head to the door straight ahead. Grab the armor at the end of the passage. When you come back around the corner you will find the hallway flooded with Zombies. Go through the Exit door to go to the next mission."--Bloatoid's Guide

Enemies Present[edit]

' - max number of enemies varies due to Mother Spider's spawning ability

Weapons Available[edit]


  • At the beginning, press the bloody handprint on the wall just behind you Reward: Flare Gun
  • At the beginning, you'll see a safe that required Spider key and the white pillar just in front of you, jump over to the area between the safe and the pillar. The side of the safe has a switch that will open a wall near the door of the secret above. Reward: Basic Armour
  • After unlocking the Moon key door near the beginning, go outside and walk along the top of the stone perimeter wall to your right Reward: Reflective Shots
  • To the left of the stairs going to the control room, there is a wall with a bloody handprint. Press the handprint and a wall on the side of the building will open Reward: Box of Flares, Flare Gun
  • There is a hidden alcove just below the bridge that was destroyed by Tchernobog, you need to swim underwater to get to it Reward: Spirit Armour, Few Bullets x2
  • Before jumping to Tchernobog's spot where he blows up the bridge mentioned above, look left and jump to the top of the waterfall, then go through the falling water into a secret room. Reward: Life Seed (note, you must attack the the body hanging on the wall to get it)
  • From the secret above, open the Dagger Door and get in Reward: Doctor's Bag, Key 7

Secret Level (version 1.4 only)[edit]

  • To access the secret level, ride the platform back down and follow the walkway. You'll come to the dark church that required Key 7 to get in. When you're inside, kill the Zealots and step up the chancel to gain access.

Fun Stuff[edit]

This map is an homage to the Saw films.

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