DWE3M10: Morning Gory

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Morning Gory (DWE3M10) is the tenth/transition level of the Blood add-on Death Wish, known as episode 9. In this level, Caleb reawaken in the Low Tide Liquors of Bogey Beach in the early morning to battles a Cerberus, before taking a boat and sailing off.

Level Designer: Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley

Song Track: 4 - Dark Carnival (CD-Audio), cblood5 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 22
Pink on the Inside 22
Lightly Broiled 22
Well Done 22
Extra Crispy 23
Number of Secrets


"Blood: Death Wish 1.4 - E3M10 Morning Glory - UHD 4K mp4" (pagb666) - YouTube

"Grab the ammo in the store and exit. If you exit out via the hole in the wall you can get to a ledge with some Shotgun Shell Boxes. There is a trash can sitting by the side of the arcade. Break up the waste nearby and crawl through the tiny passage to claim some Proximity Mines. Down the boardwalk there is a battalion of Hell Hounds and Cerberus, who will drop a key upon death allowing you to exit the level at the front door to the docked boat. If you need more firepower, grab the Guns Akimbo out of the back of the boat. If you get desperate you can jump into the (now shallow) ocean area to escape a sticky situation."--Bloatoid's Guide

Enemies Present

Weapons Available


  • Dive into the water, the secret is just under the boat where the level will ends. Reward: Fire Armour
  • Jump off the waste cans on the left side of the "Fries" food stand to get over the fence, then follow the passage behind to an area where you used to get the Limited invisibility. Reward: Asbestos Armour
  • Dive in the pool near the hotel at the other side of the frozen broadwalk. Reward: Napalm Launcher (NOTE: This secret does not increase the secret's count, possibly due to a bug, so your best bet will be 3/4 secrets at level stats)
  • Climb over the brick wall where you found Key 7 in the Bogey Beach mission Reward: Napalm Launcher, Gasoline Can

Fun Stuff

  • Most of the tomes you picked in this level is all about the four secrets mentioned above

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