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Death Wish Screamshot
Death Wish

Developer: [Dustin Twilley

Publisher: ModDB

Designer: [Dustin Twilley

Engine: Build Engine (Blood mod)

Version: 1.3

Released: October 31, 2011

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

Platforms: MS-DOS


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

Death Wish is a modification developed by Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley that adds an additional three episodes and over thirty new levels to Blood. The project was started in January of 2010 with the aim of it being completed by the years end. Development later expanded into 2011, with it finally being released on October 31, 2011.

The mod is distributed as a plain Zip archive file that simply holds a folder with all the files, with the user only needing to extract the files into their Blood directory. The author wanted it to be as easy as possible, especially since he was not trying to add any new textures or replace any sounds.


The most notable new feature to be added as part of Death Wish are modified tomes that bring up messages when you collect them. There are several in each level, and they have special messages that reveal secrets, story elements, and sometimes nothing more than offhand Cultist comments. They are not always right in your path, but if a curious player starts searching every corner he should be able to find them all.

The modification also comes with a fully developed walkthrough available in a plain text file. The walkthough is be separated into two parts, with the first part being a basic walkthrough that does not reveal any secrets or the secret level entrances, and the second revealing all. Also included is a commentary text file offering the creator's thoughts about the mod.


Death Wish begins with an introductory cut-scene depicting a narrated scroll, which explains that while Tchernobog's divine form was sent into The Void and the power of The One That Binds was inherited by Caleb after the god's defeat in The Hall of the Epiphany, his original human form lay hidden under a Stygian tower waiting for when he would need it again. Utilizing this fail-safe, the 16th incarnation of Tchernobog returns to this world and, no longer hindered by his multi-dimensional responsibilities, is able to acquire new power. He realizes though that he will only be a shadow of his former self as long as his divine form remains in The Void, so he seeks to reclaim it again, fully aware that Caleb would immediately sense such a disturbance.

The time period is never strictly stated, although it is said to be long after the events of Blood. The presence of computers, space technology, and references to CabalCo seem to hint that it is set either in the late 20th or early 21st century; as well as the statements of continuing dimensional decay, tying it together with the Blood II: The Chosen story line. Due to the fact that the mod adds no new textures, for the sake of compatibility, some creative choices are used to make the 1920s styles work within this theme.

Note: on first play-through, the Blood Wiki staff visited no secret levels, so they remain undocumented for now. Feel free to fix this.

Episode One: In Cold Blood

Episode One: In Cold Blood

  • DWE1M1: Home Sweet Home
  • DWE1M2: Lost Highway
  • DWE1M3: Firebelly
  • DWE1M4: The Abyss
  • DWE1M5: Jigsaw
  • DWE1M6: What Lies Beneath
  • DWE1M7: Urban Decay
  • DWE1M8: Vertigo
  • DWE1M9: Spooky World (Secret Level)
  • DWE1M10: Ring of Fire (Secret Level)

Nipping this in the bud, Tchernobog sends a horde of zombies to Caleb's out-of-the-way retreat, killing his pet Hell Hound "Cujo" and enraging his former servant once again. As Caleb hunts after nearby Cabal patrols, the elusive skeletal figure of the resurrected ex-god, and dodges their traps, he starts to find that various dimensional portals are starting to open; all heralded by shining coloured orbs, and learns from various Tomes that this indicates the bind of dimensions is decaying. He fights through the mines and newly opened dimensional planes nearby (DWE1M1: Home Sweet Home), until he makes his way through the forest to an old automotive shipping route. Dodging traffic, and making his way through treacherous bridge-ways and dams (DWE1M2: Lost Highway), Caleb finally reaches a region whose cold icy exterior proves to be illusory, and finds himself fighting on all fronts inside a Cultist-spectated arena showdown (DWE1M3: Firebelly). He then precedes to start a descent down winding staircases to the "crimson river" (DWE1M4: The Abyss). Passing through the one safe way, Caleb finds himself back on higher ground only to have to go down into the caves again (DWE1M5: Jigsaw), succeeding through a succession of key puzzles. Exploring a remote arctic outpost, Caleb has to face the horrors found hidden under the ice (DWE1M6: What Lies Beneath), before finally returning to civilization, jumping between rooftops and blasting through tenements and various businesses (DW1M7: Urban Decay). This time ascending, Caleb makes it up to the very heights of the city, and faces Tchernobog head on, only for the man to spirit himself away through a dimensional disturbance after Caleb defeats his guardian Stone Gargoyle (DW1M8: Vertigo). The episode epilogue describes how, holding a cultist at gunpoint, Caleb learns the truth of the ex-god's plans and why he lead Caleb up to the far north: to keep him safely out of the way. Now realizing the true extent of his quest, Caleb seeks out the talisman that brought his former master back to this world.

Episode Two: Scar Trek

Episode Two: Scar Trek

  • DWE2M1: Armada
  • DWE2M2: Out to Launch
  • DWE2M3: Mothership
  • DWE2M4: Wierd Science
  • DWE2M5: Grapes of Wrath
  • DWE2M6: Deep-Sixed
  • DWE2M7: Paradise Lost
  • DWE2M8: The Black Tower
  • DWE2M9: Legion
  • DWE2M10: Dread Faction (Secret Level)

Knowing that fighting the ex-god without first destroying these source of his resurrection is pointless, Caleb follows a band of feeling Cultists to the dry wastelands and black citadels that guard the black Stygian tower. To start off his journey, Caleb rides towards an Cabal caravan and makes his way aboard, using their napalm turrets to his own advantage, before riding to another car, for the penultimate blast (DWE1M1: Armada). Extracting himself from the wreckage, Caleb fights through what at first appears to be a shipping lot, but actually conceals a secret CabalCo space program (DWE2M2: Out to Launch). Boarding the rocket, Caleb ascends to the Cabal mothership Monstro, and, after making his way through the ship's decks and duct work, activates the self-destruct before racing to an escape pod (DWE1M3: Mothership). Following a rough landing, Caleb ascends up into a castle dungeon, wherein the Cabal has been experimenting with genetics, electricity and even teleportation (DWE1M4: Weird Science). Escaping the facility, Caleb meanders through a winery, before finding a catacomb complex hidden nearby (DWE1M5: Grapes of Wrath). After finding five black chests in order to exit, Caleb comes across a ghost ship, whose haunted halls hides the keys he needs to progress further (DWE1M6: Deep-Sixed). Finally, Caleb begins to approach his objective, crossing through underground canals and high peaks (DWE2M7: Paradise Lost). Emerging out of the forest, Caleb finally reaches his goal, the Black Tower, but nothing is as simple as it appears (DWE2M8: The Dark Tower). Finally making it into the tower's interior, past all the portals, hideaways and traps, Caleb locates the heart and destroys it as well as Tchernobog's defensive legion. Safe in the knowledge that his old enemy is once again mortal, Caleb begins his trek back to where it all began - the Hall of Epiphany.

Episode Three: War is Hell

Episode Three: War is Hell

  • DWE3M1: Whisper Peak
  • DWE3M2: The Room
  • DWE3M3: Shadehaven
  • DWE3M4: Bogey Beach
  • DWE3M5: Duck and Cover
  • DWE3M6: Inferno
  • DWE3M7: Last Rites
  • DWE3M8: Dead End
  • DWE3M9: Nightmare (Secret Level)
  • DWE3M10: Morning Gory (Secret Level)

Starting his hunt, Caleb begins to ascend up a lonely mountainside, sensing the accelerating decay of the dimensional boundaries as he goes. He knows that if he does not halt Tchernobog quickly, and so prevent him from reacquiring his divine form, the fate of everything will be put into doubt. Caleb climbs the peaks into a nearby town, and begins making his way through its various buildings, taunted along the way by the spectre of his long dead lover Ophelia Price (DWE3M1: Whisper Peak). Entering into what appears to be a damned alternative version of the vault, Caleb find himself sliding along in a delirium until he arrives finally into what at first appears to be an ordinary looking bedroom (DWE3M2: The Room), only for it to prove to be an inter-dimensional hub, also engulfing a nearby subway station. Passing through a magic door, Caleb reappears on the mountainside, and climbs through a temple up to its roof (DWE3M3: Shadehaven), wherein his further ascent is made more convenient through the acquisition of an aerial vehicle. Making a crash landing, Caleb finds himself on a beach front, and so seeks out his needed keys through seaside attractions and a dimensionally unstable hotel (DWE3M4: Bogey Beach). Sailing away, Caleb has little time to reflect before, predictably, the boat explodes, which proves to be the only the first of many explosions, including an air strike ordered by Caleb himself (DWE3M5: Duck and Cover). Caleb is still not yet out of the heat however, being faced with a lava soaked complex, guarded finally by a sacrifice-hungry Cerbeus no less, before then having to crawl through the acidic insides of an all too familiar flesh temple (DWE3M6: Inferno). Escaping again on a river boat, Caleb visits more old territory, up into the ruins of the Hall of the Epiphany and faces the Choesn-in-training (DWE3M7: Last Rites). Travelling to a dimensional portal, Caleb finds that he is too late - Tchernobog's physical form has been brought back from the Void. However, this prove to be nothing that a little fire-power can not fix, as he kills both his reincarnation and then travels into the Void to expunge his presence once and for all (DWE3M8: Dead End). At peace with the world following his victory, Caleb has it in mind to return to the mountains and rebuilding his home and returning to a quiet life, after killing a few more stray cultists that is.

Critical Reception

The mod was well received in the Blood community, and one of the most anticipated events of 2011. It was in particular praised for its architecture, pacing and plain creativity. Some quibbles were made about its difficulty and pacing, particularly in terms of the authors' affection for the usage of Acoyltes, which lead to that enemy variety being made less common in later versions. Still, reception has been almost universally complimentary, offering up a brand new challenge to Blood players thirsty for new content after more than a decade since the game's release.

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