Dwayne Anderson

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Dwayne Anderson
Screamshot of Legends of the Iconoclast

Name: Dwayne Gerald Anderson

Website: http://www.geocities.com/andersondwayne/dwaynegand.html

Born: September 23, 1982

Nationality: Canadian

Location: Saskatchewan

Notable Works: Legends of the Iconoclast

Dwayne Gerald Anderson is a Bloodite known for his Blood modifications, particularity the Legends of the Iconoclast Trilogy. Developing an interest for fiction writing at an early age, he combined his talents to create story based Blood modifications. Originally just going to be a map set in a medieval castle, Dwayne mixed his interest in fantasy and Blood to create a large modification project. He also wrote up some fan fiction storyline add ons for his modification. He has created other maps as well, many of which can be found at the RTCM Blood Modifications website.

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