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"Yes, I'm a guy. Yes, I play games. Just an average Aussie guy who grew up on Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake and other violent video games I probably shouldn't have been playing."--Gmanlives

GmanLives (originally Gggmanlives) is a YouTube game reviewer who focuses mostly on first-person games, with a particular emphasis on old-school first-person shooters. He has done reviews for both Blood and Blood II, as well as Shogo, and has also done videos on related topics such as Death Wish, ZBlood, Bloom and Blood source ports.


Reviews by Gmanlives:
default.jpg Retro Review - Blood PC Game Review Gmanlives April 23, 2013 5:53 A positive video review of Blood.
default.jpg Retro Review - Blood II: The Chosen PC Game Review Gmanlives March 16, 2013 5:51 A complimentary video review of Blood II: The Chosen, praising its voice acting, mood, and destructible environments, though critical of a lack of balance, polish and The Nightmare Levels.
default.jpg Retro Review - Mod Corner - Deathwish Mod for Blood Gmanlives November 29, 2014 5:32 An enthusastic look at Death Wish, praising its level design and creativity, but cautioning about its high amount of enemy placements. (BloodLine article)
default.jpg Retro Review - Mod Corner - ZBlood Gmanlives January 6, 2017 7:27 A review of ZBlood generously noting its willingness to be distinct from its inspiration, but critical of its game balance issues; also complimenting more accurate recreations like BloodCM. (BloodLine article)
default.jpg Blood Source Ports - Gggmanlives Gmanlives February 18, 2018 8:27 A comparative overview of the various attempted source ports and recreations of Blood, including Blood Reborn, ZBlood, BloodCM and most notably BloodGDX.
default.jpg 7 Disappointing Sequels to FPS Games - Gggmanlives Gmanlives January 14, 2019 21:30 A list of first-person shooter sequels that he found disappointing, with Blood II at number six. Concludes that while it is "not a bad game, it is a bad sequel".
default.jpg The Blood Remaster Is Really Good (Review) - GmanLives Gmanlives May 9, 2019 13:57 A positive review of the new official remaster of the original Blood by Night Dive Studios, commenting mostly on the game's high difficulty and the new adjustable difficulty mode. Incorrectly implies it is based on the actual source code.
default.jpg Mod Corner - Bloom (Doom Meets Blood) - GmanLives Gmanlives November 6, 2019 10:33 An effusive outline of the Doom mod Bloom, which quite literally fuses elements from Blood and Doom.
default.jpg Hard Levels in FPS Games Gmanlives January 21, 2021 16:16 An overview of some levels from first-person shooters he found challenging; includes E1M2: Wrong Side of the Tracks.