Hell Hound

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Hell Hound


Hell Hound

Game Apperances: Blood
Affiliation: Cabal

Difficulty Stats:

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 180
Pink on the Inside 244
Lightly Broiled 366
Well Done 482
Extra Crispy 602

"These furless mastiffs may not seem likely to win any dog shows with their bloody, gleaming musculature and fiery breath, but don't be surprised if they devour the competition. Their hunger is insatiable, and they like their meat well done. Oh, and don't be fooled: their bite is much worse than their bark."Blood Beastiary

A Hell Hound is a demonic mastiff with orange skin (furless). It appears as an enemy in Blood.

They resemble lesser relatives of Cerberus, who may or may not be their leader. They can breathe fire, setting the player alight and draining his health, and have powerful jaws they bite with. If lured into water, they die instantly.

Fire weapons are almost useless against Hell Hounds. On the other hand, Hell Hounds seem to be vulnerable to the Tesla Cannon.

Hell Hounds are not present in Blood II: The Chosen indicating something happened to them between 1928 and 2028. Possible theories include extinction due to either Caleb's intervention or the Cabal, or whatever connection to the Cabal having been broken and going into hiding.

"These fire-breathing mastiffs are swift and deadly. If they get close to you, their powerful jaws will make quick work of you, so keep your distance... if you can."Blood Manual