John Carrizales

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John Carrizales

Name: John Carrizales


Born: February 20, 1983

Nationality: American

Location: Texas

Notable Works: Extra Crispy (Blood II and Fresh Supply)

John Carrizales is a modder best known for creating the Extra Crispy mod, with editions both for Blood II: The Chosen and Blood: Fresh Supply. Back in the Planet Blood days he was known as Criptceeper, while today he goes by the handle VGames. He was the last subject of the Bloodite of the Week interview series on October 15, 2000. He is currently one of the remaining regulars of the Transfusion Forums. He has also made various tweak and upscale mods for other games, including Doom 3, Turok 2, Kingpin, Max Payne 2, Guilty Gear XX and American McGee's Alice.