Kelvin Hazenboom

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Kelvin Hazenboom

Name: Kelvin Hazenboom

Alternate Names: Evil Weavaloid

Website: Weavaloid

Nationality: Dutch

Location: Netherlands

Notable Works: Blood Let's Plays

"Hello! I am Weavaloid and Weavaloid means Epic Wave incase you're curious what it means. Currently I live in The Netherlands but I would like if we keep the chat english, so everyone will understand. I am a metalhead, I love all soorts of metal. Sometimes I do play metal (specially death metal) here and there. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea and that's why I keep it to a limit. I love to play all kinds of video games, doesn't matter if it's modern or nostalgic but usually I just stick with the good ol' classics! Sometimes reading, speaking and writing could be a bit difficult to me due to my dyslexia and my speaking problem. It can give me a hard time, so I would appreciate if you respect my difficulties if I have trouble speaking or reading. I'm really trying my hardest best to be an entertaining broadcaster and make it fun for anyone. Feel free to follow me if you're interested in my channel and you always can give feedback if you may like. Thanks for taking your time to read this."--Weavaloid

Kelvin Hazenboom (aka Evil Weavaloid or just Weavaloid) is a Bloodite from the Netherlands best known for his Let's Play series for Blood and Blood II: The Chosen on YouTube; he has also done a few playthroughs of Blood custom maps and the complete Death Wish fan add-on. He has also done various other Let's Play series for other classic first-person shooters. His playthrough of Blood II was played on the hardest difficulty, trying to show how it can be done and defend the game from its critics.

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