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Blood EX development shot
Blood EX pre-alpha footage - YouTube

"The Kex engine is a very ambitious programming project that I’ve started around summer 2012. Kex is a simple open source FPS engine created from the ground up that will be ideally designed for a small-person team, but mostly will serve as a sandbox/teaching tool for modders or indie developers. The main motivation behind this project is to advance my knowledge outside of game design and further help understand the concepts of designing a system and of course, to advance my scripting skills even further. Though while the engine is currently lacking rendering features, the main focus is geared towards gameplay features and usability."--Samuel Villarreal

The Kex Engine is a game engine framework and renderer created by Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal, first started as an outgrowth and extension of the Doom64 EX renderer. It is being used as the basis for the remastered version of the original Blood being developed by Night Dive Studios under license from Atari. This is adapted from unofficial work Villarreal did known as Blood EX. The current version of the engine used in commercial projects is Kex 3, while its earlier hobby project incarnation was Kex 2 (with Doom64 Ex being Kex 1). It has previously been used in remastered or enhanced versions of System Shock, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and Forsaken, plus more limitedly in The Original Strife: Veteran Edition. It was also used in the still unofficial Powerslave EX.


  • Script-based debugging tools
  • Actor-driven level format
  • Javascript/Lua-driven component objects (similar to that of Unity)
  • Easily execute script code in console

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