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Items are useful tools or power-ups that help the player. They either restore health, offer some sort of defense, or otherwise help the player in a secondary way. They are found on the ground, can either be stored for later use, or must be used immediately.

Inventory items are stored objects that can be activated at any time. Some items have a one-time use, and expire after a certain amount of time, and some can be turned off and on at any time, but have a limited amount of power.

Found items are either dropped by enemies or found laying around. They cannot be stored in the inventory, and are activated as soon as the player runs over them. If the player cannot use the item, the item stays on the ground.

Blood Items[edit]

Inventory Items[edit]

Doctor's Bag B1 doctor bag.gif A health restoring pouch that can be used at any time. The Doctor's Bag gives the player health points, up to 100. Remaining points will stay in the bag for later use. For example, if a player has 40 HP and uses the Doctor's Bag, it will fully heal the player to 100 HP and leave 40 HP in the bag. The bag disappears once its last point is used, but a partly-used bag can be refilled to 100 points by collecting another. (Note that the other bag is entirely consumed by doing this, even if the one in the player's inventory is refilled from 99 to 100, so it is best to avoid refilling until the current bag is mostly depleted.)
Beast Vision B1 beastvision.gif Makes enemies stand out as if brightly lit; useful in dark areas. Power drains from 100 while active.
Diving Suit B1 diving helmet.gif Prevents the player from running out of oxygen underwater. Power drains from 100 while active.
Jump Boots B1 jumping boots.gif Allow the player to jump higher and farther, and also prevent fall damage. Power drains from 100 while active (whether jumping or not), so they can be used more efficiently by deactivating them just after landing.
Crystal Ball B1 crystal ball.gif Found only in BloodBath multiplayer maps, it enables the user to see through the eyes of other players. Power drains from 100 while active.

Found Items[edit]

Life Essence B1 life essence.gif A bleeding heart often dropped from fallen enemies or civilians. Restores 20 health up to 100 maximum.
Medicine Pouch B1 medicine pouch.gif A small satchel of medicine. Provides 50 health up to 100 maximum. Only found in the expansion packs and user-created maps.
Life Seed B1 life seed.gif A blinking monster eye. Provides 100 health up to 200 maximum.
Body Armour B1 body armor.gif Provides 100 points of basic armour, which provides resistance to firearms and bullets.
Fire Armour B1 fire armor.gif Provides 100 points of fire armour, which provides resistance to explosions and fire.
Spirit Armour B1 spirit armor.gif Provides 100 points of spirit armour, which provides resistance to magic and spiritual attacks.
Basic Armour B1 basic armor.gif Provides 50 points of body, spirit, and fire armour.
Super Armour B1 super armor.gif Provides 200 points of body, spirit, and fire armour.
Cloak of Invisibility Image:B1_invisibility.gif Makes the player invisible and undetected by enemies for a limited time. In BloodBath, makes your form transparent and harder to see.
Reflective Shots Image:B1_reflective_shots.gif Deflects physical attacks onto the attacker, such as melee weapons and firearms. It does not reflect fire or spirit attacks.
Death Mask Image:B1_invulnerability_mask.gif Makes the player invincible to weapon damage for a short period of time, such as fire, spirit, and physical attacks.
Guns Akimbo Image:B1_akimbo.gif Gives you a second weapon for non-dual-handed weapons for a limited time. Single-handed weapons are the Flare Gun, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Tommy Gun, and Napalm Launcher (and Tesla Cannon in Plasma Pak). Doubles the firepower, but uses twice the ammo.
Cloak of Shadow Image:B1_shadow_cloak.gif This item does not only appear in Cryptic Passage, as thought before. As you can see the shape and movement pattern of it through a window at the end of E2M3: Rest for the Wicked. It resembles a black Cloak of Invisibility, but it appears to have no effect.

Blood II Items[edit]

Inventory Items[edit]

Bombs Image:B2_time_bomb.jpg A portable explosive that comes in three types: Time Bomb, Remote Bomb, Proximity Bomb. They work similarly to how Dynamite Bundles worked in Blood, but are kept in the inventory instead of a weapon slot.
Flashlight Image:B2_flashlight.jpg Casts a light in front of the player, allowing him to see in dark places. It makes the player stick out and has the world's worst batteries.
Med-Kit Image:B2_medkit.jpg A portable first-aid kit used to replenish health. Works just like the Doctor's Bag from Blood.
Night Vision Goggles Image:B2_night_vision.jpg When activated, the goggles amplify ambient light to provide player the ability to see in the dark. If a player steps into a bright area, the amplification will blind the player. Like the flashlight, it loses battery power quickly.
All-Seeing Eye Image:B2_eye.jpg Like a mini-camera, the player can drop the eye anywhere and see through it using the hot-key. This is useful for peeking around corners or keeping an eye on other areas. The disadvantage is that the player is vulnerable while using the eye, and if the eye is destroyed or stepped on, the player will be temporarily blinded. If destroyed it will automatically return to the inventory.
Binoculars Image:B2_binoculars.jpg Allows the player to see greater distances. Works much like the alt-fire on the Sniper Rifle.

Found Items[edit]

Life Essence Image:B2_life_essence.jpg A bleeding heart often dropped from fallen enemies or civilians. Restores 25 health up to the maximum.
Life Seed Image:B2_life_seed.jpg A heart with a talisman. Adds 100 health to the player's total. It can increase health beyond the normal maximum, but no higher than 300.
Ward Image:B2_ward.jpg Adds 25 armour points up to the player's maximum.
Necroward Image:B2_necroward.jpg Adds 100 armour points up to 200 max.
Willpower Image:B2_willpower.jpg A talisman shaped like a spiral that reduces all damage by 95%, making the player nearly invincible. The effect lasts 30 seconds but gives audio and visual cues to indicate its time is running out.
Stealth Image:B2_stealth.jpg A talisman shaped like an eye that renders the player invisible and undetectable by enemies. The effect lasts 30 seconds but gives audio and visual cues to indicate its time is running out.
The Anger Image:B2_anger.jpg A talisman that increases the damage a player does by 300%. The effect lasts 30 seconds but gives audio and visual cues to indicate its time is running out.

Fan-media items[edit]

Rage B1 fire armor.gif A Doom object that makes it's appearance in the fan made Blood TC. It switches the player's weapon to the pitch fork that can now deal ultra damage for the rest of the level, with the screen tinted red for the first half-minute or so after picking it up. The sprite for this object is the same as the fire armour from Blood.