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'''[[:Category:Fan Made Games|Fan Games]]:''' [[Transfusion]], [[Blood TC]]/[[ZBlood]], [[BloodCM]], [[Q3 BloodBath]], [[Blood Reborn]], [[Blood 2D]], [[Caleb Versus Nazis]], [[Blood: Refilled]], [[Blood: Dead on Arrival]], [[Blood: The Curse Hunter]]
'''[[:Category:Fan Made Games|Fan Games]]:''' [[Transfusion]], [[Blood TC]]/[[ZBlood]], [[BloodCM]], [[Q3 BloodBath]], [[Blood Reborn]], [[Blood 2D]], [[Caleb Versus Nazis]], [[Blood: Refilled]], [[Blood: Dead on Arrival]], [[Blood: The Curse Hunter]]
'''[[:Category:Websites & Communities|Websites & Communities]]:''' [[List of Websites]], [[Blood Wiki]], [[Planet Blood|Planet Blood]], [[The Postmortem]], [[Death Mask]], [[Blood Line]], [[Transfusion#Community|Transfusion Forums]], [[Altar of Stone]], [[Monolith Forums]], [[Russian Blood Community]], [[Polish Blood Centre]], [[Good Old Games]]
'''[[:Category:Websites & Communities|Websites & Communities]]:''' [[List of Websites]], [[Blood Wiki]], [[Planet Blood|Planet Blood]], [[The Postmortem]], [[Death Mask]], [[Blood Line]], [[Transfusion#Community|Transfusion Forums]], [[Altar of Stone]], [[Monolith Forums]], [[Russian Blood Community]], [[Polish Blood Centre]], [[Duke4]], [[Good Old Games]]
'''[[:Category:YouTube Channels|YouTube]]:''' [[Blood On YouTube]], [[Gmanlives]], [[Civvie 11]], [[Lingyan203]], [[Pagb666]], [[Weavaloid]], [[MARVELLER]], [[Emmanuel EXE]], [[Awesome Games Done Quick]]
'''[[:Category:YouTube Channels|YouTube]]:''' [[Blood On YouTube]], [[Gmanlives]], [[Civvie 11]], [[Lingyan203]], [[Pagb666]], [[Weavaloid]], [[MARVELLER]], [[Emmanuel EXE]], [[Awesome Games Done Quick]]

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Welcome to the Blood Wiki

Geropayati quodpipax durbentia

Welcome to the Blood Wiki, a wiki devoted to the Monolith Productions created first-person shooter game Blood, its sequel Blood II: The Chosen, and their respective expansion packs. Also available is information on the various mods and add-ons, fan projects, development details, and the fictional world in which Caleb and the others live in. For more information read our "Questions and Answers" article. Please enjoy, but a warning to anyone who tries to vandalize this site: Hatanoceo pretaanluxix!
--Tchernobog, dark god and moderator.

There are currently 341 articles and 2,280 media files on the Blood Wiki.

The Blood Wiki is the home of the largest collection of Blood fan fiction ever written, including the epic Tome of Blood, the once lost Blood: Ship of Fools, and the long awaited Blood 2: The Unforgiven!

Blood fan artwork lives again on the Blood Wiki!

And for those seeking a haven for Monolith's mecha anime first person shooter classic Shogo: MAD, look no further than our Shogo Sub-Section!

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Blood Wiki News

Tchernobog (talk) 02:16, 12 January 2021 (EST): Make that thirteen years now. May the bloodfeud continue!

Tchernobog (talk) 02:06, 28 September 2020 (EDT): Four months after I started it, our new Main Page layout is live! This new design uses collapsible elements to help highlight the most relevant items while still leaving the rest easily accessible. It should hopefully scale across different resolutions better as well.

Gideon (talk) 21:56, 12 January 2020 (EST): Another trip around the sun under our belt, and more blood on our hands. Here's to another crimson new year!

Gideon (talk) 22:26, 4 December 2019 (EST) That which is dead may never die! French Meat 2 ready to tear you through!

Gideon (talk) 03:45, 1 October 2019 (BST) A new eight level Blood fan add-on entitled The Way of Ira was released a week ago. Hop to it Bloodites!

  • Also turns out that another campaign, Out for Blood, was released in August. So hop to that too!

Gideon (talk) 01:50, 10 May 2019 (BST): So the remaster is officially out under the title of Blood: Fresh Supply. It is only available for Microsoft Windows on day one, so not an instant buy for me. Also been hearing some mixed things about it; Gmanlives likes it, but Daedalus has posted several complaints over on Altar of Stone. Quite a bit of controversy about them merging the old GOG store page into the new one as well, though at least the DOS version is still included as an extra (so you can still use it for BloodGDX or NBlood). Feeling rather conflicted about all of this at the moment.


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