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"Hi. I'm happy to announce my next project: Nuked Blood (or just NBlood). I've been working hard on it since the Rednukem was released. First and likely hardest milestone was completed recently so i'll definitely won't throw this project away. This port is running on EDuke32 engine and will inherit various features from it. The other planned features are multiplayer(using sync based model at first), demo compatiblity and OPL3(Sound Blaster/AdLib) emulation for authentic FM music. So, what's estimated release date? I hope to release first public test version in January or February 2019. Fell free to write here your thoughts about this port. Also i'd like to know which features you want to see implemented. Merry Christmas!"

NBlood (or Nuked Blood) is a port of Blood using EDuke32 as a base. It was created by Alexey "Nuke.YKT" Khokholov, following from his Rednukem (aka NRedneck) port for Redneck Rampage.

"It's not based on leaked alpha... It's based on reverse engineered code so NBlood is an actual port running on Build engine unlike Blood EX... Gameplay wise first release will be par with original version (both SP and MP) with possible minor inaccuracies. Hopefully maps/addons made for original version will work as well."

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