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"NBlood - Blood 1.21 internal demos" (Nuke.YK) - YouTube

"Open for business. NBlood, an open-source Blood port based on EDuke32 and developed by NukeYKT, has been released. NBlood is a user-friendly and highly accurate port featuring multiplayer, software & OpenGL (Polymost) renderers, support for Redbook CD audio & accurate FM OPL3 (SB/AdLib) emulation, and DEF/HRP support. NukeYKT has previously released NRedneck (Rednukem) – an open-source Redneck Rampage port based on EDuke32. Both NBlood and NRedneck come with the quality of life improvements you’d expect from EDuke32 including a modern control scheme and support for arbitrary resolutions and native widescreen."Duke4 news post

NBlood (or Nuked Blood) is a source port for Blood using EDuke32 as a base. It was created by Alexey "Nuke.YKT" Khokholov of Yakutsk, Russian Federation, following from his Rednukem (aka NRedneck) port for Redneck Rampage (as well as Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem 64). First announced on December 24, 2018, it was initially released on February 12, 2019.

The only first-party build is for Microsoft Windows currently, but it should be able to be built from source on most other systems. Unlike BloodGDX, NBlood is a native application as opposed to requiring a runtime and was first to have a full source code release.

Plans are afoot to distribute the port alongside mainline EDuke32, and a modern version of MapEdit called NMapEdit is said to be in the works (an enhanced version of the original called XMAPEDIT has been released with special features specific to NBlood). Modding features and frameworks are also being added in by NoOne based on work started with BloodGDX (shown in in the mods No Hope in Sight and Eviction).


Development shot

"Hi. I'm happy to announce my next project: Nuked Blood (or just NBlood). I've been working hard on it since the Rednukem was released. First and likely hardest milestone was completed recently so i'll definitely won't throw this project away. This port is running on EDuke32 engine and will inherit various features from it. The other planned features are multiplayer(using sync based model at first), demo compatiblity and OPL3(Sound Blaster/AdLib) emulation for authentic FM music. So, what's estimated release date? I hope to release first public test version in January or February 2019. Fell free to write here your thoughts about this port. Also i'd like to know which features you want to see implemented. Merry Christmas!"Nuke.YKT

"It's not based on leaked alpha... It's based on reverse engineered code so NBlood is an actual port running on Build engine unlike Blood EX... Gameplay wise first release will be par with original version (both SP and MP) with possible minor inaccuracies. Hopefully maps/addons made for original version will work as well."Nuke.YKT


Thanks to it being open source, NBlood has received multiple forks, including ports to the Nintendo Switch as NXBlood, as well as to the Amiga as NBlood-Amiga and the Playstation Vita as JFBlood-Vita. Another fork adds new gameplay elements as well as custom difficulty setting seen in BloodGDX and Fresh Supply called NotBlood. A forked version of the port is also included in the Raze project.

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