Proximity Detonator

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Proximity Detonator

"These are by far the nastiest explosives you'll come across. You can scatter them around and concern yourself with other matters. As soon as someone steps near one, you'll hear a far-off boom and accompanying shrieks of agony. Use the alt-fire to drop them at your feet. Also, remember where you've dropped proximities or you may fall prey to your own trap. "Blood Manual

A Proximity Detonator is a weapon in Blood, a variation on the Dynamite Bundle. Where Dynamite Bundles go off on impact, the Proximity Detonator will fall to the ground and set, with a signature beep. At that point, it will explode if anyone moves close to the bomb, including the player. This has the advantage of trap-setting (especially in BloodBath), but disadvantage if the player forgets where he/she placed the bomb, or sets it in such a way to prevent forward progress.

AMMO TYPE: Proximity detonator
REGULAR FIRE: Sets and throws a proximity mine
ALTERNATE FIRE: Drops the mine at the player's feet

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