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Q3 BloodBath
Q3 BloodBath

Developer: Q3 BB Project

Publisher: FileFront

Designer: Tomasz Mizerski, FluSyndrome, Joe Volante.

Engine: id tech 3 (Quake III Arena, OpenArena)

Version: Map Packs 1-3

Released: November 17, 2004

Genre: First-person shooter

Modes: Multi-player (Single-player with bots)

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

Blood II-based Q3 BloodBath Map
Q3 BloodBath video on YouTube

"Welcome to Q3 BloodBath, stranger! Do you miss good old times of BloodBath in Blood, when you were fighting your friends all night long till dawn? If you own Quake III Arena those days may return. Download Q3 BloodBath map packs and get yourself a bloody bath once more. Q3BB is a collection of Blood and Blood II map remakes that can be played in Q3A. At this moment there are three map packs. They all support PainKeep Arena mod. Take a tour." — Project website

Q3 BloodBath is a website that hosts three packs of Blood and Blood II: The Chosen maps ported to Quake III Arena for BloodBath purposes. The project is worked on by Tomasz "Predator" Mizerski, FluSyndrome, and Joe Volante. As of June 13, 2007, a fourth pack was reportedly under construction.

Maps range from classic Blood levels such as Cradle to Grave and the Hall of Epiphany, to the Frank Cotton Memorial Bridge and The Crypt from Blood II: The Chosen. The maps can be run in Quake III Arena or in the free software OpenArena, which has some appropriate models such as Gargoyles, Spiders, and a Cultist-like bot called an Assassin. Both Quake III Arena and OpenArena work on several operating systems, allowing for a greater range of BloodBath players.

The fan made bot and skin of Caleb made by Philip Stavitsky can be used with these map packs.

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